22LR or 17HM2????

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  1. PigPen

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    Im looking to buy a savage Mark II with the heavy barrel and accutrigger now my predicament is should i do 17HM2 or 22LR i want it for varmit shooting and target shooting my main concern is price difference for ammo and availability. thanks in advance for your help
  2. spittinfire

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    I would go with a 22. Cheaper to shoot, does everything th 17 will do and would be easier to sell should you decide to.

  3. c3shooter

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    .22 LR ammo is MUCH more plentiful and cheap- .17 HMR is running $12-$15 per 50 rounds.

    The .17 HMR has much greater range than .22 LR, faster, flatter, more power. I have a Savage 93 in .17, shoots about like a laser.

    .22LR zeroed at 50 yds, at 100 yds drops ABOUT 5 inches
    17 gr .17 HMR zeroed at 50 yds, at 100 drops about 1.5 inches.

    .22 LR begins to drop to subsonic at about 100 yds, the 17 at about 200.

    I'm getting 1/4 inch groups at 100 yds.

    Finding a .17 rod, jag, bore brushes can be a challenge. .17 HMR ammo- Walmart, Dicks, Bass, Gander, local gun shops. I think the .17 Mach 2 is going to go away, but the HMR has caught on.
  4. xp100

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    I have a Marlin 917 (.17HMR) and various .22 LR rifles. While the .17 is a blast to shoot out at 200 yds, I still go back to my modified Ruger 10-22. At up to 200 yds with the right ammo, it is almost as accurate as the .17 plus as said before ammo is cheaper. However, when shooting out to 200 yds, good, ACCURATE .22 LR ammo comes close to .17 HMR in cost.
  5. Eric0424

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    How about we discuss the 17Hornady Mach 2 he's asking about instead of the 17Hornady Magnum Rimfire.

    If that's your criteria, then the answer is simple no matter which 17 you're asking about. The 22lr is what you'll find in abundance nearly anywhere. That can't be said of the Mach-2 or Magnum rimfire rounds, and 22lr is usually the cheapest ammo you can find especially if you choose to shoot bulk 22lr.

    If you plan to shoot a lot I think you'll be happier with the 22lr. The 17's are more accurate than their 22 counterparts, but the price goes up for that accuracy and, if you shoot as much as I do, the increase in price just isn't worth it. I like to shoot my 917V, but my Model 60 has more rounds through it than any other weapon I own because of the price of 22lr ammo. It's actually the reason I bought the 60, at the time my 9mm and 30-30 were costing me a small fortune.
  6. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    if your gonna get a .17 you might as well get a .223 instead. due mainly to price and availability of ammo. so my vote would be 22lr.


    you should be comparing a .22 LR with the .22 WMR, both have ammo that is affordable, and the .22 Magnum ammo is available almost everywhere the .22 LR is. the .22 Magnum doesn't shoot as flat as the .17, but will reach out and tap'em @ the distance you want and still have the punch the .22 LR doesn't.
  8. DrumJunkie

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    I have a 17HMR and several 22lr. I think you will like the 22 a little more., That 17 is a screamer (up around 2550 fp/s give or take) but the round being so small it can get pushed around pretty well in the wind. With 17HMR ammo being what it is it does not lend itself to a lo of shooting compared to a 22lr.

    Don't get me wrong I love my 17 and am making plans to set up a 17M2 but that is because I have a few different 22lr and a 22wmr to go along with he 17hmr. What the 17 does to crows at around 100 yds is pretty impressive. But if the weather is acting up any I'll pick up[ a 22 lr or 22 mag to make sure I hit what I want to when conditions are not the best. On a still day though reaching out past 100-175 yards is no real problem. I've hit 12 ga. hulls on a stick at 100 yds that you can't see them move sometimes with the hmr. Drove me nuts first time till I walked out there and seen I had several holes in them.

    I was only getting one rim fire it will be a 22lr. Brands are relative to the individual. WE all have our favorites. My 17 is a Savage 93R17 with the gray laminate stock. It is a gray rifle.
  9. tuck2

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    I have 22 LR, 22WMR, 17 HM2 and 17 HMR rifles. Most all of my shooting is at prairie dogs. The 17 Gr bullet out of the 17 HM2 has about 97 ft/lb of energy at 100 Yds and it is flatter shooting than any 22 LR round. The bullet drop is simular to the 22 WMR 40 Gr bullet. I got 17HMR and 17 HM2 rifles when they first came out. The 22 rimfire rifles stay at home since seeing what the 17 rimfire rifles will do. I have shot a few cotten tail rabbits in the head with the 17 HM2 17 Gr V-Max bullet because a body shot will spoil a lot of meat. If I were to go cotten tail rabbit hunting I would use the 22 LR but for little varmints the 17 rimfire rifles is the way to go.
  10. JTJ

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    I bought my wife a MK II with the heavy barrel and the accu trigger in 17 HM2. Very accurate and flat shooting. Ammo is about 1/2 of 17 HMR. I have picked up some deals at $4.00 a box and picked up a couple thousand rounds. $6 is more normal. Very easy to shoot at 100 yds. Meat hunters like them better as they dont tear up animals as badly as the HMR. 17HM2=2100fps/17HMR=2400fps.
    One problem with the Savage is the stock unless you are getting one with the laminate stock. The drop is set for iron sights which the rifles do not have. My wife needed a shorter stock so I replaced it with a Boyd's unfinished laminate stock which I shortened and reshaped the cheek rest to fit her. Look at Boyd's Evolution stock. Might take a little fitting. I could not shorten the Evolution or I would have bought it. It will require new bottom metal and trigger guard. I *****ed to Savage about the stock and they sent me the stuff for free. Hers is wearing a BSA 4-16x40 with AO and IR available at SWFA FOR $50 on sale.

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  11. rifleman55

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    Unless you need the range the .17 offers, get a 22LR.
    The .17 are very accurate, but the ammo is not. At 100 yards, you will be doing good to shoot 1.5 to 2" groups.
    The 22 LR Savage MKII's are very accurate right out of the box.
    I had mine accurized at Savagegunsmithing and it now shoots in the .1"'s , 5 shots @ 50 yards on a good wind day. It shoots better than I do.

    If you are going to target shoot more then varmint hunt, I'd go hands down with the Savage MKII in 22 LR. Get a good high power scope with a fine wire retical. Either the Mueller 8 X 32 X 42 AO for under $250. or if you want an even better target scope, get the Weaver T-36 Target scope, a little over $400.00.
    Those two scopes will decrease your groups more than you would think. I've shot many scopes on the 22 and these scopes are the best for target shooting and the Mueller would be a good choice for a .17 for varmint hunting.

    For a cheaper scope, the Mueller APV 4 X 14 X 40 AO scope for about $140. delivered is a great lower priced scope, very sharp, great lower priced scope.
    I would not go with the cheaper scopes, the high power one's for under $100, they are not sharp and you will be dissapointed.

    John K
  12. PigPen

    PigPen New Member

    rifleman55 i ordered the savage mark II FV and a redfield 3x9-40 i may go to a higher end higher power scope later but alot of people like the redfields because they are made by leupold and i have not heard one bad thing about them 9x zoom on a 22lr should be good enough right?
  13. Eric0424

    Eric0424 New Member

    A 9x scope will be fine, I've been using 3-9x40 scopes on my Marlin 60 since it was bought in 2006, it's fine for up to 150 yards. The first scope was a cheap $30 Tasco, now it has a BSA Sweet 22 with an adjustable objective that was put on June of last year. I didn't have any parallax trouble with the Tasco even out at 150, the image wasn't as crisp as 50-100 but it was still usable at 150. My 30-30 has a 3-9x40 BSA and it shoots fine at 100 yards, I haven't tried it at 150 yet but I don't expect any trouble with it either.

    All my other scopes either have an adjustable objective or side focus to correctly set parallax.

    You may decide later you want something higher powdered, but you won't have a problem with the scope you just bought.