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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by JeffCooper, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. JeffCooper

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    See quite a few of these kits and for the money it seems like a good way to shoot thousands of rounds for pennies. Thoughts and guidance? Preferences for a certain vendor? am I better off just buying a .22 upper?
  2. JonM

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    the cmmg kit works very very well. the only issue is accuracy is terrible out of a 223/556 barrel using 22lr the twist rate is waaaay too fast to stabilize past about 25 yards. dedicated upper or dedicated rifle like the sw mp15-22 is the way to go. cmmg makes excellent dedicated uppers but the cost is about the same as the mp15-22

    the kit is superb for shtf short range rabbit/squirrel getter. it really gunks up the upper and lower.
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  3. Dillinger

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    I'm with JonM on this one. I bought the CMMG version and it's great for real close range work like shooting squirrels or dispatching a local problem.

    Long range shooting is more like Kentucky Hurricane Windage as its awfully damn tricky to get a decent group out there at 100. :cool:

    No problems with fit, finish or performance other than previously stated.

    Fun to shoot, cycles well & without issue. For a day of close range, golf ball shooting with the boys, its a great, cheap day. :D

  4. JeffCooper

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    Great advice as usual fellahs. I think I'll save up for an upper. I want to shoot on the cheap, but I'm a little wierd about it being "just right".

    Don't tell my wife.
  5. theboarbuster

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    I have 2 of the CMMG stainless kits. I built an AR pistol a few months back and made the mistake of putting a 22. Kit in it. I cant remember where I put the BCG anymore. My 2 boys and I shot 6 bricks of Fedaral ammo the other day. I think we had 5 jams all day long. The only bad thing I can say about the 22 kits is it sucks to load those mags. My thumbs were tore up. I am going to by one of those Bully Dog 50 rd drums
    for our next shoot. They will get your gun dirty, but it is fun.
  6. Powersportgiant

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    Have you guys ever heard of the target master .22 conversion kits? Just wondering if they are the CMMG quality?