225gr Accubond - Ramshot TAC & My 358Win

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    I have had nothing but excellence from my 358Win in performance with 225gr bullets at the range and on game. Using 200gr SS NF, 225gr Sierra and Accubond I got very good accuracy. I have been trying to nurse out the same accuracy from the 225gr Accubonds that I was getting with the 225gr Sierra SBT. The reason being is that I am able to get 65 - 80fps faster velocities with the Accubonds in my specific rifle with the same charge of powder. I final found the OAL that gives me the same accuracy with the Accubond as with the Sierra. Both have been very effective on game, but I am so happy to have the Accubond shooting so well and with very fast velocities but with out pressures. I even got the 200gr North Fork SS to shoot exceptionally well. Great morning at the range indeed.

    Three shot group 200gr SS North Fork 2573fps


    Five shot group 225gr Accubond, Tac powder, Rem 9 1/2M primers, Win brass, moving 2573fps group size .405", OAL 2.8905"

    No pressure signs on the brass

    Free recoil energy is 26.5 ft-lb. (35.9 Joule)

    Muzzle -1.5 Energy 3307 ft-lb
    100 +2.6
    200 +0.6
    300 -8.8

    Out standing hunting load and is rated for large game from 901 - 1500 lb