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    I absolutely love my .224 Val. I’ve reached out to 300 yards so far with a 2inch grouping. I’m still seasoning in the barrel so I’m hopes of making my groups more tight hopefully sooner than later. I want to push it out to 1500 yards soon. Still working on better understanding MOA. I’m using the Vortex Crossfire II 4x16x50 as my optics. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Safe Shooting Everyone!

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    Peashooter,You may need to do some serious upgrading if you want to shoot out to 1500 yards. Doing the ballistics on a 90 gr Sierra MK bullet at 2700 fps,you will need 73.7 MOA of scope adjustment using a 100 yard zero to reach 1500 yards,and even then,the bullet will go sub-sonic around 1250 yards which causes issues with being accurate.

    Comparing that to my 22 Creedmoor shooting a 75 gr Hornady AMax at 3500 fps,I only need 52.0 MOA of adjustment to reach 1500 yards.
    I shoot long range pretty often,and it very fun to ring steel way out there,but it can be very expensive when it comes to buying optics that will allow you to get out there.