.223 Varmint Loads are Brutal

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    The M193 ball round is a bit too solid for small animals. Something like the Vmax in 40 grain, or the NTX in 35 grain makes a GREAT ground squirrel load! Loaded in the 5.56 case you're looking at 3,500 fps easy which means absolute EXPLOSION on impact!

    Just the other day I shot a coyote with my Fiveseven 5.7x28 stoked with Barnes 36 grain Varmint Grenades and the animal dropped where he was hit with a single shot just behind the foreleg! This load was ONLY traveling around 2,000 fps on impact so any ".224" bullet going almost double the speed is just obscenely destructive!
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    I prefer 55gr stuff, in .223 or .222.
    Used to run Hornady SX back when I was a kid, had some blow early on contact. So switched to reg 55gr and got about the same results (go in and blow, no exit, or massive rips)..........but without any blowing on the shoulder.

    Ran 75gr Speer in .243 win. Could take any angle with those. Shot great in my #1B..........until the throat wore out.

    Did OK in 700's, but when Nosler brought out the BT stuff, 70 gr...........I switched and have never looked back.

    50-350 yards..........no exits, unless I shoot them in the neck.

    Still run a .223 on chucks, once in a great while........55gr stuff (1 in 9 twist). Vmax or Black Hills factory. Shoots well.

    Yotes these days..........get the AR's...........55gr V max can make a big hole. But taxidermist says he can sew really well. So don't switch (run 55gr ball for plink and defense).

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    Still like my hornet for just knocking around the farm. Drives tacks out to about 125 yrds, quiet, and forgiving to reload. My first varmint gun was a savage model 219 50 years ago. Wish I still had it. One shot's generally all a man needs.
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    Yes, it is. i've killed dozens of coyotes and wild hogs with the M193 round.
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