.223 reloading questions

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by ah141nj, May 13, 2009.

  1. ah141nj

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    Gearing up to start loading for my Colt Match Target HBAR, 16'', 1:9 twist

    After reading up on several forums , I am still a little confused.

    Would I want SB dies or FL dies?...I have been reading the pros & cons on both. Was thinking of getting the RCBS X FL set.

    Also, to use my Lee Auto Disk Powder measure with adjustable charge bar what die do I need. You wouldnt want to flare the case mouth. Is the Lee Auto Disk Rifle charging die the only one available?

    Crimp or no Crimp?

    I picked up 2 lbs of H335 & Hornady 55gr FMJBT's to start out with. Still waitng for primers.

    Just going for some plinking loads right now in the 100 yd range

    FYI, I have been loading for 9mm & 45 acp, just never did any kind of rifle loads.

  2. robocop10mm

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    Dies. Kind of depends on the use. Accuracy. FL dies. Reliability. SB. the Dillon is essentially small base but turns out some excellent ammo. I have never used the X-die so someone else will have to chime in on those.

    I use the Dillon so I am not qualified to answer Auto-Disc questions.

    Crimp or no crimp? Cannelured bullets, light crimp. I like the Lee factory crimp die. Make sure you trim the brass to an even length so the crimp is consistent. Non-cannelured bullets. No crimp unless you have feeding issues. Then use a light crimp (very light) to insure the best accuracy.

    335 should be a good choice. I prefer W-748 or BLC-2, but they are very similar to 335.

  3. hunter Joe

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    I found if I don't crimp the bullets move .002 when chambered, I always crimp .223 bullets no matter what style. I use H335, 4895 but found that 4064 works the best in my 20", 1 in 9 V-Match.