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    Silly question, How does one remove the crimp from military brass
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    The crimp is a 'pita' but serves a valid function for military use, no popped primers.

    There are many ways to take care of the crimps.

    First the primers must be removed. As they were made to stay in. Some/most de-priming dies just don't punch them out. In those cases, a special tool is needed. The good news is they are cheap. I use one that I drive a hardened rod with a fixed pin into the caseing on/in a metal donut. I've had mine for so long, I don't know who the maker was.

    With the primers out, there is that ring that blocks the new primer from being put in. To deal with this, there are several methods:
    Cut/scrape it away with a pocket knife.
    Use a chamfering tool to cut it away.
    Run it in a primmer pocket swaging tool.

    If you are dealing with a small number of casings, the first or second options will work. If dealing with a large number, get a tool. It will be worth it.

    Don't forget, there are two primer sizes to deal with.
    Tool brands and types vary. Look at several before you buy. I use a lot of X military brass and have a tool made by 'C&H'. It mounts on a press like a die and works extremely well for me.

    I have punched primers that were so well held that the face of the primer and the anvil were pushed out, leaving the skirt of the primer still pinned in.

    The best news is you will only have to do each case once :D

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    awesome, cant wait to get this task completed. have around 900 to a 1000 rounds to do this 2.
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    I just ordered 2k pieces of crimped .223/5.56 from wideners. I will be feeling your pain soon. Luckily my buddy loaned me his Hornady case prep center so I will be able to trim, chamfer, clean the primer pocket and swagger the primer pocket in one station. Unfortunately, I will still have to de prime and resize first! Have fun!