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  1. Dzscubie

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    Guys get this,

    I talked to my wife who has been enjoying herself in Vegas for the past 5 days and told her I needed to buy some more 223 as I had fired off all I had yesterday. Well she said no and when I asked why she said look under the reloading bench. I did and would you believe it, she has been holding out on me. There I found an ammo box with 860 rounds, she said it was for a rainy day! Now I ask you what kind of woman holds out ammo on her loving husband. Oh, I forgot to mention there is a box full of 45 auto also, don't know how many rounds, it's a 223 ammo box full. Now thats just not right.
  2. lonyaeger

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    You lucky b*stard.....can your wife call my wife?

  3. bigbad-ratman

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    let me get this straight: your wife bought you a not very small amount of ammo, kept it aside for a rainy day and you are upset? man i would love to be your kind of spoiled!!!!! congrats man.
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    Not right Dude what the hell is wrong with you? That is freakin great.