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Took a medium length hike into one of our hunting camps this morning.Windy,blustery Feb day.Threw my #14 Smith and cpl handfulls of WC's in the daypack.Also,Savage model 10?...its their SS Weather Warrior.I bought it when they first came out,can't even tell you what twist it is,don't really care?This is just a nice "truck gun" that spends an awful lot of it's days killin stuff.

Range conditions were pretty bad.We have a rickety old picnick table which I threw the daypack up on as a make-do rest.100 yds.First two shots were run up through three were pulled from MTM case.All of which took less time than it does to write this post.NO sighters,or foulers...this is out of the truck.

The first shot was from a cold brrl....second shot was wind...3,4,5 were a result of brrl heat.Well,thats my story,haha.

Don't even know what headstamp is on cases...prolly been loaded 1/2 dz times.55 g V-Max,OAL is what works with magazine,yet still plenty of grip on bullet.Loaded to book max....and would have to go check records/notes to provide any more data.


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