223/5.56 Self defense ammo?

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    Out of curiosity, what type of bullet would you use for a close range (muzzle to 25 yards) self defense setup. I am interested in something that would have the least likely chance to penetrate a wall. Also my rifle is 1:7" twist.

    So obviously 62 grain penetration rounds are out.

    I would also say the 55 grain FMJ is also out.

    I picked up some 50 grain polymer tipped varmint rounds from American Eagle

    What about the hollow point rounds? Can those tiny holes really allow for rapid expansion?


    Soft Point?
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    Soft points are hunting rounds and work well on killing most creatures they have good penetration and expansion. I personally like hollow points, while the penetration will not be as much as FMJ's they expand on contact (or a couple inches in) and impart more energy with larger wound channels and more damage. If looking for a HD/SD round I would recommend using a hollow point for soft skin targets. (two legged). Also they are less likely to exit the target.

    Just my view on it.
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    Thanks. I was wondering.
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    the 223/556 is a superb defensive round for home use. police like the 55grain hornady tap for its ability to neutralize goblins and not go through walls.
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    Hollow points in a bullet made for varmint hunting will fragment and not over penetrate. However, a hollow point in a Match type bullet is there to ensure the bullet is more base heavy for enhanced accuracy. Hollow points in a match bullet should not be expected to "upset" and " blow up", although some might just from striking a hard object up close when velocity is still very high. Bullet manufacturers are quick to point out that the hollow point in a match bullet is cosmetic and does not mean that they are expanding bullets. Most people threat them like a FMJ as far as expansion or upset. Best to use if over penetration is a concern would be one of the frangible loads, next best would be a thin jacketed varmint bullet like the Hornady SX or V-max, or the Sierra Blitzking. Note that none of these very explosive varmint bullets are hollow point, the SX has an exposed lead tip, and the Blitzking and V-max are polymer tipped.
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    Initially I thought a 50 grain would be too light for a 1:7 twist..
    But then again, over spin MIGHT cause it to fragment before it hits anything..
    Less accuracy but might be the cure to owe penetration...
    ..just a thought