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    Hi. I'm reloading .222Rem with 50gr Speer TNT's for my Ruger 77Mk11. Trimming cases to 1.695 and my C.O.A.L to just off the lands seems to be 2.215. The guides all say max is 2.130. Should I be worried about being 0.085 over max?
    Using 21.5 grains RL-7 which is again a little over max suggested but I have no sign of excess pressure. This mix is giving me 3160fps but the manuals suggest I ought to be getting about 100fps more than this. Am I missing something? It does shoot .3MOA groups.
    Just switching from CCI standard small rifle to benchrest BR-4's.
    Thoughts from you guys very appreciated.
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    Sound like you are doing the right things.

    As long as you have no problems with the length in you magazine, unless you are single feeding, I like it. Keep it up.
    I don't know you load but if you are not suffering from any pressure problems, continue with the quest. As with any other component change, back down a bit and work to your best load.

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    If you're just off of the lands, you're perfect.:)