220 lb boar

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    I got this guy at about 7:00pm today. I saw him earlier in the day at one of my feeders while I was looking for my milk cow (long story). I could have shot him the first time I saw him but I was walking a cow. lol After I made the 2 mile walk back to the house I got my truck and my gear for night hunting and went back to the feeder. I had just got parked and was getting set up when he stepped out at about 150 yards. The feeder was 115 yards away from me so I waited until he closed the distance. He smelled me or the truck and started getting nervous so I waited till he cleared some cactus and let him have one right in the head. At the shot he stopped and staggered for a second and then took off. My second shot was a good heart shot and he stumbled at the shot, but kept on trucking I let loose 6 more running shot before he hit cedar. I new he wasn’t going far but i couldn’t believe he was still running. I ran across the opening and got to the last place I saw him enter the cedar. About 20 yards in the bush I could see him standing about 30 yards away in the thick cedar. He was hurt but still standing. He saw me and turned and popped his teeth a couple of time and I cut loose on him. I let him have 1 more right between the eyes and it was over. No I wasn’t using my 6.8 or my 458 Socom, I had my AR 5.56 pistol. It was a fun hunt. He weighed 220 lbs.
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    Good looking hog. One day i hope to partake in feral hog eradication.

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    Congrats on the boar.