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.22 with Warranty

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I am looking to get a new .22 but I want to get one with a warranty. I hear some companies will just take your rifle, replace anything broken with factory parts and send it back. Does anyone know how these warranties usually work or what brands come with the best ones?
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most big name companies offer limited warranties,so as long as its not carelessness or negligence on your part, they will replace or fix your weapon.I know firsthand that ruger stands behind their stuff.if your looking at a semi auto, the 10-22 is hard to beat,figure the gun itself about $170.00,an aftermarket bull-barrel,from $80.00 to $??, an aftermarket stock to fit the bull barrel. with this set up my ruger will shoot awesome for a semi auto...good luck and sorry for the off topic book:D
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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