.22 to .17 Conversion.

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    I was over at my cousins house last night and he has a Ruger 10/22 that he converted to a .17 Mach 2. It's really light because hes got a carbon fiber bull barrel with a houge rubberized stock and he said is dead accurate. I was thinking of doing the same thing with plinking/target/small game hunting in mind. Anyone have any info, suggestions, opinions or experience to share? I wanted to get some input before I threw down the money for it. Thanks in advance for any info. Thanks.

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    Bolt speed is the main issue that needs to be addressed considering the increased pressure. This can be accomplished a few different ways. Heavier replacement bolt handles, adding weight to the bolt, heavier springs, or some combination of the those. The optimum barrel length seems to be 16-18 inches for the M2 to allow for the pressure curve.

    Below is what I used, with excellent results. I have NO functioning problems and accuracy is awesome. Devastating on squirrels, if that's your thing. I realize not everyone is a hunter.

    1-Magnum Research .17 HM2 bolt handle which is oversized for proper weight. Comes with guide rod and appropriate weight spring. Got it from Brownell's for a little over $50.00 I think.

    2- Alumilite barrel. Slightly oversized shank which will require MINOR sanding. Fit is tight, so get your extractor groove ligned up properly before gently tapping the barrel in. This was the most expensive piece, direct it was around $200.00. Not sure if they're still available though.

    Some guys weight the bolt and use the factory handle, but I wanted to do it without sending anything out for work.

    Factory Ruger 10/22 magnum hammer spring (Brownell's, cost about $2.00)

    Again, I have no issues with reliability, but maybe I just got lucky with my choice of parts. Check Rimfirecentral.com for an entire section on .17 HM2 info. Nemohunter, Vincent and Skeeter27red all have good info and advice.

    I think you'll be pleased if you do the conversion. Good luck.
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    A couple of years ago, I bought one of these .17 Mach 2 conversion from EA Brown and I have not regretted it for one second. The barrel 1s a bull barrel so you will have to get another stock with a .950 channel, but other than that it is a "drop in" barrel and heavy bolt assembly. The accuracy is great, it does just about double the weight of the original 10/22!
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    Very good choice for quiet varmint and target work. I have done the conversions for some of my customers and their rifles were shooting sub-moa @ 100 yards off the bench. Keep your barrel clean, as the little .17 becomes erratic (group wise) when the barrel starts to foul. Cost of ammo can be an OUCH at times.