.22 scope thread. another one??

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    so i've scene a lot of thses lately and i wanted to join the crowd. hehe

    so i need a scope for marlin mod 60. the max range i'll shoot is 100yards. most of my .22 work is at 50 yards. once in awhile i'll go to 25 but rarely.
    i had a nikon pro staff but that got placed on my wifes AR. im going to follow my own advice and swing by the LGS to look to see what they have used. i want black, at least 3x9. preferbly 4x16 or 6x18. the cheaper the better right now. maybe top out at $150. i'm a big fan of clear, crisp optics. if you suggest a barska i'll probly puke. i already have a 1 in mount. so i need to stay with a 1 in tube.

    now send the options!!!
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    Well my suggestion is not a Barska, but for some folks it has just as bad a reputation. However, it has been a pretty decent brand of scope for me. Last 10 scopes I've purchased for my centerfire rifle shooting at range have been BSA models. Platinums, Contender, Majestic DXs, Gold Stars and a BSA tactical thats suppose to be an exclusive at Midway.

    Own several of the BSA Majestic DX Hunter 6-24x44 side focus scopes that were introduced early last year. Mine are on centerfire rifles I regularly shoot at range and no problems with any of them. Decent optics and no gripes about any of their adjustments. Had a discussion on inexpensive scopes today while at range with a gent who is a long time hunter, reloader that has some darn nice rifles. Had him view downrange thru one of my Majestic DX scopes when it was on 24 power, viewing my 100 yd target and then our 200 yard berm. He was surprised by how clear and bright my inexpensive scope's optics were.

    Think the Majestic DX 4-16x44 is a side focus too, that goes below 15 yds for parallax. Check Grafs and Sons for it....on sale there, marked down from about $135 to around $90. Use Grafs search box to find it....type in BSA Majestic DX

    www.natchezss.com has discounted the prices on the Weaver 40/44 aspherical lens scopes. The 3.8-12x44 A.O. is now $140. SWFA has it priced at over $210. These aspherical lens scopes are made in Philippines and have very clear optics.

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    nice thing about a 22 rimfire is that there is next to no recoil, so this is one place some cheaper scopes can survive. not to say a higher priced quality scope is bad, and usually the higher the price the better the quality. for $150 you can find a very good scope that suits your needs. i have a cheap Simmons 3-9x40 on my Marlin M60 and it works great. i have a BSA Sweet 17 in 6-18x40 on my Savage M93r17 that works great also. check out the BSA Sweet 22 scopes. Nikon is a good choice also. so many choices and i am sure that others will give some choices that might suit your needs as well.
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    I don't own one yet but have researched the heck out of them and will be buying one soon.

    Centerpoint 4-16x40 (Adventure Class)


    Mil dot reticle
    Red and green variable brightness illuminated reticle
    Parallax adjustment from 5yrd-infinity
    Lockable and zero resettable turrets
    Comes with rings (and sometimes flip up covers)

    Walmart has them for under $70

    Almost anyone who has ever owned one has nothing but great things to say about them.
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    For rimfire rifles get a scope that has an adjustable objective AO lens (parallax adjustment). There is quite a cross hair shift between 10 and a 100 yards. I like 4-12 X power AO scopes on my 22 RF rifles. I site 22 RF rifles in at a one inch point blank range using 22 LR HV HP ammo. Get the best quality scope you can, there is a lot of junk for sale.
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    cool, i dont want illuminated, or mild dot. plain old crosshairs. i like the centerpoint. do they make em with different reticles?
  7. Centurian22

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  8. Triumphman

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    Bushnell Banner 4-16x40A/O, Bushnell Banner 6-18X50A/O, Simmons 44MAG 4-16x44SF, BSA Sweet 22, Simmons Whitetail Classic 4-16x40A/O, BSA Contender, and walking into a LGS and seeing if they have any good USED scopes for sale. I got a great $250 Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 for $160 this way for my 30-06.
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  9. Dan308

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    I'd go with the Weaver 40/44
  10. Angelimo

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    Glass quality is important, but there are some other things to consider, namely features and durability. I like Nikon scopes https://thetacticalscopes.com/best-optic-scar-17/ because Nikon makes decent glass, and glancing to the selected segment, then for $ 150 you can get an excellent and high-quality low-end scope
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    I have an older Leupold M8-4X on my 10-22.

    Sent it to Leupold and had parrellax adjusted to 75 yards.
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    You did say the best option! That being a 1" Scope Tube! Nothing Less! For a big bore I use and recommend a 30mm Tube. Big difference in clarity with more light gathering ability!
    I guess to stay at the $150.00 budget. If the $150.00 includes the Base Mount and Scope Rings you will need to tighten up on the price of the scope to meet budget.
    But if they are not included in the Total Budget why not stay with a Pro-Staff even if it did cost an extra $15 - $25.00 more or so. But if it includes the Mount and Rings On one of my rifles i have a top of the line Simmons Master Scope for a 22 cal. Rifle. They usually run around $79.00. It is a cheaper scope but I have so far never had a problem with it and have had it for many years mounted on my 22 Cal. Marlin 39-A. That Scope would leave you with a $$$$ margin for the Base and a set of Rings. Good Rings and Bases are very important as you know!:)

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    one of the nice things about a 22 rim-fire, is that recoil isn't an issue. and there are one rifle you can get away with not having to spend a small fortune on. and with a budget of $150, for scope for a rim-fire, there are plenty of options. now you will never go wrong with buying a higher quality and more expensive scope for a rim-fire, it's not as much required as for other larger center-fire rifles, because of the recoil, (or lack of in this case.) and the distances that most will use a rim-fire at, so they are not as dependent upon the same features one would need or require for a center-fire rifle. but i would stay away from the really cheap bargain basement scopes!
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    I've converted most all of my customers into using 1-inch scopes on their .22 rimfire rifles. Some were trying to use one of those 3/4 inch "wanna be" optics that cost around $9.50 at Walmart. I now recommend and sell quite a few of the Simmons brand, 1-inch tubes to folks who own .22 rimfire rifles. Here's why.
    One of the guys who comes up here deer hunting brought me two Simmons 3-9x scopes a few years ago. One had a scattered cross-hair that was broken when mounted it on a big bumper. The other scope had a broken eye piece where his son fell backwards on a slippery blow down with his rifle slung on his shoulder. He thought I could use the parts from these scopes.
    After he left, I got to thinking that Simmons has a "Lifetime" warranty, so for around $8.00 shipping, I sent both scopes back to Simmons. Two weeks later I received two NEW scopes in the next higher grade. When Dick came up the following spring to do some trout fishing he stopped by and I told him he owed me $8.00. Of course he asked, What for? I handed him the two boxes with the scopes inside. He gladly paid the $8.00.
  15. aarondhgraham

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    Nikon PROSTAFF® Rimfire II Riflescope: 4-12/40

    I just put one of these on my CZ-512 Rifle,,,
    Dang but that scope is sweet.

    Worth every penny I spent on it.


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  16. RJF22553

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    Subject is pretty well covered.

    I use a Simmons 3-9X32 A/O 22MAG scope on my 10/22. Like the OP, my ranges go from 25 yards to 100. An A/O is critical for this if you're into close accuracy through that variable range. Won't ever get a non-A/O scope again...At least not for serious shooting...

    Got mine through Amazon after much research. Well sub-$100 and a very decent scope. And it comes with rings!

    Hope this helps.
  17. JTJ

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    Just finished mounting a Simmons 22 mag 4x32 on a single shot 22. The scope weighs 8 oz and cost a whopping $30 shipped. I needed light weight and $200 for a 1/2 oz lighter Leupold was not in the cards.
    I have a 4x14x40 Simmons Aetec with side focus on my RAR 22mag. I got the Aetec when I bought a used rifle that came with a broken Simmons 8 Point. Sent it in for warranty and they sent me their top of the line at the time Aetec.
    Right now Amazon has the Simmons 22 mag 3-9x32 with AO for $49.50.
    I bought an new air rifle and it came with a Centerpoint scope. Lasted about 10 shots. It was not worth the shipping cost for an exchange.
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  18. Chainfire

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    I put a $30.00 Simmons scope on one of my .22 plinkers, and it does just what I need it to do. The squirrels have a hit out on me. The optics are fine for close range work.

    Its only identified weakness is it will not take the shock of falling 8 feet off my back porch without having to re zero.
  19. stalkingbear

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    There is/was 3/4" scope that is/was top quality, but they are hard to find these days. The ole Redfield 4x-3/4 tube was outstanding quality, and perfectly proportioned for the upgraded fancy claro walnut stocked (stock made by me of course) Chipmunk .22 single shot bolt rifle. The Redfield scope also had to be pared with the special 3/4" rings (tipoff). In fact, I'm on semi-eternal search for them in good shape with "duplex" reticle version.
  20. tac foley

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    While we are futzing around Oregon on our usual annual trip over, we often investigate the local jun- sorry, I mean 'antique' stores for anything shooting or train related. I've often picked up a bargain scope that way, and seem to have acquired a nice collection of El Paso-made Weavers along the way. The quality of these all-steel tube old-timers is amazing, and the glass is often as good as the day it was made.

    Here's a 1953-ish K4 on one of my Swiss rifles -

    And here is another, bought in Gold Beach OR for $25 -

    Of course, they are also great rimfire scopes, too, so I hope I'll be forgived for showing them on a couple of centre-fire rifles.
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