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.22 Savage 93F Stock Slide

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Hello All. Just purchased a new 93 FVSS savage. I love the gun, and my only gripe is the synthetic stock likes to slide down my shoulder( there is no rubber pad). I've been looking for either a rubber recoil pad or some DIY idea for the mean time , but nothing that will mess the gun up. Anybody on here have any ingenious suggestions?
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You can get a slip on rubber recoil boot or you can get a nice stock from Boyds. The drop on the factory plastic stocks is wrong for scope use. I had to add a cheek piece to my MKII FVSR.
Restock with wood. I think the Savage plastic stocks look crappy & cheap.
22 Savage 93F Stock Slide

I do not like synthetic stocks,I refer to them as plastic. You can do what JTJ advises, Clt8ter slip on recoil pad.
Get some rough skate board tape and put it on the butt and cut it to fit cheaper then a new stock and better looking then a recoil pad new new right
Bigdaddy573, what a great idea! I even had a kid who skateboarded,and I put that tape on numerous boards. Thanks for the great idea!:) Cliff
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