22 rifle or 22 upper for AR15

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  1. asmith2690

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    i have a bolt 22 mossberg that is a tack driver, cant say enough about it. However i want something a little faster for some goof off plinking. i have been looking at the .22 conversion kits for my AR15 as well as the dedicated .22 upper receiver and also am considering a 10/22 or something similar. Anyone else been in my boat before or have any opinions. The conversion kit i have heard has problems from time to time and the dedicated upper costs the same or more than the 10/22 so i am not sure which route i want to go down, again anything helps thanks for the help.
  2. Garadex

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    I would get a 10/22 unless you want the same feel as your AR, if so I would go with a dedicated upper.

  3. OldEagleEars

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    At the risk of sounding like I own stock in the company, may I suggest you check out the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. It is a dedicated system (not a conventional rifle tarted up with MIL-SPEC looking furniture) that, while a blowback-operated rifle, has remarkable similarity to .223-and-above AR-type firearms. Almost anything that can be attached to an AR (lights, sights, grips, slings, etc.) can be used on a 15-22 and there are many owners who have decided to put accessories worth double the cost of the rifle on the things. The best part about that is that what fits the 15-22 also fits the larger-caliber guns. Even the fire control assembly is AR-standard and can be modified just like an AR. There is also an active community of 15-22 shooters online with all the advice (good and not-so-good) and information you will ever need. A dedicated upper for your AR is expensive and they do seem to have more reliability problems than they should. Your money, your choice; but you owe it to yourself to take a look at the M&P 15-22. Good luck.
  4. JonM

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    ill second the m&P 15-22

    mags are cheap and super easy to load. its got last round hold open and the mags drop free. selector works the same as an ar15.

    mags on conversions and the dedicated uppers are a pain in the butt to load.

    conversions are great ohsht game getters since they turn your main rifle into a small game gun with little space taken up in the ruck.
  5. Blueguns

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    MP 15/22 was my first thought when I read the OP's post. It seems like the gun for the situation.
  6. Sniper03

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    I am with JonM the S&W 15-22s are great little rifles and you can even fit accessories on them. Not to mention they are very accurate.
    Got to have one myself someday!
  7. Jeff56

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    Personally I can't see buying half a rifle when you can get the whole thing for less money. Not only that but it will work better and shoot more accurate. I like Marlins myself. They're more accurate than Rugers right out of the box (in my experience) but both are excellent choices. You can make a Ruger into a target quality rifle if you want to spend the money. But Marlins are cheaper and more reliable IMO. But get what you like. That's the main thing. If it isn't fun for you then you aren't doing it right.
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    OK I'm guessing that you aren't in the military or have a job that requires you to be proficient with an AR. If you are one of these, then an AR conversion makes sense. otherwise you get better performance and IMO satisfaction by purchasing a complete 22lr to shoot. what you buy is up to you and everyone has their own tastes and likes
  9. purehavoc

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    I was going to buy a dedicated .22lr AR styled rifle but I already have a bunch of .22lr rifles so I opted for the .22lr conversion kit , still functional as a .223/5.56 with the ability convert and shoot .22lr in about 10 seconds and easily shoots 2" groups at 60 yards out of a 1:7 twist barrel with cheapo bulk ammo
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