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.22 Pistol reliability improvement

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So I have a Ruger Standard and it malfunctions with hollow points, problem is I bought a bulk pack and they are all hollow points. So I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions to help improve feeding on my gun?
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Polish the feed ramp, just for clarification which bulk pack did you buy? Cuz if the have a good point and shallow taper they should feed well-i.e. federal bulk pack
You did not mention what brand of ammo.
Federal has a bad rap with some semi-autos.
There is a process that seems to work with most .22s
Buy a box (not bulk) and see how it works. If it works, then try to purchase as much of the same lot number as you can.
Save whatever you bought for your bolt action & buy CCI for your simi autos-
It was Remington with a tornado on the box can't remember the exact name. when it fails to feed the round jams itself into the feed ramp and cuts into the bullet.
Sounds like subsonics. They do tend to do that. Shoot either solids or cci through it
remington is pretty junky ammo across the board.

if you have an older ruger with a lot of rounds through it i woul change the recoil spring before doing any other mods.
Save whatever you bought for your bolt action & buy CCI for your simi autos-
Our local range started a .22 practical pistol league and I decided I wanted to use my AWC Amphibian S (really just a suppressed Ruger MkIII). As with any pistol, one must break them in and, ideally, with several types of ammo. After much trial & error I decided on CCI Selects. They work the suppressor the best and are the cleanest, most accurate ammo I have found for my Amphibian. What to do with the other thousands of different .22 rounds I bought during the first few years of the Obamanation, shoot them in all the rest of my .22 rifles & pistols! What a "blast!"
Thanks for the responses everyone i'll see if it is subsonic and hopefully that is the problem.
if they are sub-sonic rounds, they may not have enough energy to properly cycle the bolt. i use the green box of Remington and the silver box of Federal bulk ammo in my Ruger Mk III 22/45 and my Marlin M60 and both work quite well.
It sounds like you are using Remington Cyclones which are a 36 grain HV HP. Try a different brand or stick with solids. Hollow points dont work that well in short barrels anyway. Not enough velocity to properly expand. I have good luck with Federal 525 bulk packs which are similar to your Cyclones for cheap shooting. Check your magazines to see if they are clean and the follower is not sticking. Also make sure the magazines are seating properly.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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