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    Im wanting to buy a .22 mag for coyote hunting. Where I hunt at we can only uses .22 cal rimfire or smaller for coyote at night. Im looking for suggestions on what i should get. Im thinking of buying a Rugar 10/22 mag because of all the options.
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    Hard to go wrong with a Ruger, also Marlin makes some nice models in .22 mag. I like .22 mags but the ones I've had usually favored one brand of ammo over the others. My old Hawes revolver liked CCI, the bolt Marlin, Winchesters. Experiment and enjoy.

    Good shootin'

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    sounds like a really good choice of firearm to me.
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    .22mag functioning reliability in semiautos

    in shooting at night the .22mag would be a better round for a dog size animal
    the problem is with semi-auto rimfire platforms the more reliable ones were also the more expensive, Remingtons new .22mag (ugly plastic contraptions do work) A accointance the next town over has a H&K 300 in .22mag and has yet to fail during hunting, I personally would get a lever or Pump due to the positive functioning of the action reguardless of velocity variations which most them encounter.

    Taurus makes a really nice all steel pump in rifle and carbine variations in stainless and blue.

    The discontinued Ruger leveraction 96/22 came in the .22magnum caliber and would be hard to locate but should be a performer.

    the limited number of semi auto magnum rifles is few to pick from like the old discontinued H&K mentioned above and the Marlin 995, the High Standard 700,Brno 611 (neat take down)and Rugers 10/22mag was discontinued due to functioning problems due to ammo variations affecting the actions function.

    If money isant a issue you can buy a spinoff of the Ruger 10/22 mag built by Magnum Research, they sell enough parts to assemble one through Brownells.
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    when you pick an optic, make sure it has the 11 different setting rheostat. some scopes / red dots only come with 5

    from experience, the reason is you want to see those crosshairs / dot. however the ones that only have the 5 settings tend to be still too bright on the lowest setting, causing you to lose all of your "night vision" and lose the target. or you can always use batteries that are almost dead to give a dimmer glow

    we can only use manually operated in my state (bolt, pump, lever) i was using a marlin 822 22mag for the longest time, but then switched to a shotgun.

    as far as the rifle, think about what options you need, and what options you want. if your going to dedicate this rifle to coyote, keep it as bare bones as possible. they show up when least expecting, so a quick pointing gun is also essential.

    as options go (after optic) i would go with adjustable trigger 1st, a bipod 2nd, some type of rail system 3rd, and a light with pressure switch to go on the rail 4th.

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    in my state we are only allowed to use bolts, pumps, levers, - no autos. but a 10/22 mag would be nice.

    i was using a .22 mag marlin 822 now using 3.5" mag shotgun w dead coyote ammo and choke

    as far as options would go, i would pick and optic (scope or red dot) that has an 11 position brightness setting. the ones with only 5 tend to be a bit bright even on the lowest setting, and you tend to lose your "night vision" and target

    after optics, i would go with adjustable trigger, harris style bipod, some sort of rail system and a light to go on it.

    if your dedicating this rifle to coyotes, keep it simple as they show up when least expecting, and a quick pointing gun is essential.