22 LR types of general ammo classes

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    Within 22LR there is Standard Velocity, high velocity and hyper velocity.

    1. What is the difference in cost between each? All being plated and being round nose but must be the same for a apples to apples comparision.

    2. What is the difference performance between each? By brand.

    3. What types of hyper velocity and availale round nose come in bulk?

    Also are they available in bulk amounts?

    Thank You
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    I seen 22 target ammo go for $20 for 50 rounds and 550 round Federal Bulk pack at Wally World go for $18.90. Most difference ave around a buck or two more for 50 depending on type. Yes you can get most ammo in 500 round bricks. Mostly the difference in performance is in grouping, what feeds best and accuracy. You would think hyper velocity would be more accurate. I shot tighter groups with sub sonic 22 shorts in a Ruger Single Six go figure. It was different when I use the 22 mag cylinder it was just as tight. Now Best thing is to get different rounds and see what shoots best in your firearm. In auto loaders you may need more power to cycle the bolt in you firearm.
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    There are also huge differences in the terminal effectiveness of the hyper velocity rounds. There are the ultralight frangible rounds like the CCI stingers that will barely penetrate a few inches of flesh, but will expand violently and do significantly more damage on small game compared to more standard rounds. Then there are the fast, solid 40gr rounds like the Aguila Interceptors that will easily penetrate probably 20-24 inches of gel from a rifle and probably 16-18" from a 3.5" pistol barrel. From a rifle, the 40gr CCI velocitors seem to actually be able to expand to decent diameters (.33" in the brassfetcher.com tests), yet still penetrate to acceptable depths (12-13" or so, it seems).

    I keep the P22 loaded with Interceptors for the GF. It's still a .22, but it's the only handgun she has ever enjoyed shooting, and at least it will penetrate well with those loads. The Interceptors are available in 500rd bricks for about $50 ( AMM-065 - Ammo .22 Long Rifle Aquila Interceptor Copper Plated 40 Grain 1470 fps 500 Round Brick ).