.22 Long CB's

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  1. jackowens

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    Dear Friends,

    I'm using CCI .22 MINI CAPS in a Marlin 39A to shoot ground-squirrels that get in my fruit trees, but I'm not getting very good accuracy.

    I'm afraid to use regular or target ammunition because there are houses nearby. Are there any low-velocity, target .22 rounds available?

    Regards to all,

    Jack Owens
  2. stalkingbear

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    Quiet .22s

    All of the match ammo for .22Lr is subsonic and most accurate of all .22 ammo. Subsonic ammo when shot from rifle is about 1/3-1/4 the noise level of high velocity. This is due to lack of supersonic crack.

  3. Catfish

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    Try the Remington Sub-Sonics, the shoot real well in my 39a. To get better accuracy I have to go to Brown Box Eley which are no HP`s and cost alot more.
  4. Pounce

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    You might want to try 'Aguila' .22 Super Colibri LR.
    You have to get pretty 'close' though. Don't use a rifle,(it'll get stuck in the barrel)use a single action 6 shooter type.A semi won't cycle,although I guess you could shoot them one at a time and pull the slide back after each shot. There is no powder in the case. It uses the primer in the rim. And it is about like a bb gun, sound wise.
  5. deadin

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    So far everbody has assumed you are concerned about the noise. It that it or are you worried about hitting the closer houses?
    If it's the noise, is it because there are regulations about discharging a firearm within "x" number of feet from a dwelling or within city limits? If so, maybe you should be looking to other methods of pest control.
    If it's hitting houses, shooting up into a tree may not be the wisest thing to do regardless of the ammo.

    BTW: I didn't know ground squirrels climbed trees.:D
  6. rickrem700

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    22 cb

    your next step is 22 short the cb dont even have gunpowder in them more of a trapping round we used when we were kids only good when you are standing over what needs shot, you would be better off,or I should say your people next door would be better off if you just got a good pellet gun, yes that will work just fine.