22 hornet for predators??

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by songdogslayer, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. songdogslayer

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    Anyone using a 22 hornet for predators?? What's your favorite hunting load??
  2. Sniper03

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    Use to have one! Good caliber for most small predators but a little small for coyotes. Not that you can not kill one with it because I have and they certainly can with the correct shot placement. But Old Willey does not always give you the perfect shot and I have had a lot of them take flight and go off. Did they die? I am sure they probably did! However when I shoot to kill an animal whether they are a predator of game animal. I want it to be as humane a quick as possible. So with that said, I would recommend no less than a 17 Rem,223/5.56 and probably in all reality a 22-250, 243 Win, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC or similar cal is best to achieve my wanted results. My favorite is my 6.5 Grendel in 95 grain. V Max. Only my opinion! Good Hunting!


  3. JTJ

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    They were the survival load for the Air Force at one time. Inuit have used them to kill polar bear and smaller animals. Keep in mind the Inuit are survivalists. There were some very nice little rifles made for them. That said, the Hornet is not a very hot round. It is comparatively quiet which is one of the reasons it is still around. The 22rf mag took a lot of its shooters even though the Hornet is more powerful. They were cheaper than the Hornet. The Hornet will kill predators but there are better rounds available. It is a good round if you want something a little hotter than a 22rf mag but not as hot as a 223. Hand loading will bring the cost down.
    The 223 has a lot more going for it.
  4. alsaqr

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    There are several .22 Hornet and K-Hornet rifles in my gun safes: Never had a problem killing coyotes at ranges to 175 yards with either caliber. The bullet i use for coyotes is the Hornady 45 grain Hornet: It expands well at Hornet velocities.

    One of the properties i hunt is owned by a couple who don't like loud gunshots. The Hornet works well there. Spoiled those folks and now i'm the only hunter allowed on the place.
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    The Hornet was the first long range varment round, but the have been alot of others come since. I agree with Sniper, it a handycap you don`t need for coyotes. Geen got a coyote yesterday with his AR. He put it down with the 4th hit and thought it would stay down, supprise, it got back up and took off. He put another round in it and then went up to it and head shot it, it was still tring to get up. Needless to say that none of his hits were where they should have been, but just hitting a running coyote is hard enough and all of them that I have ever shot at were running. I try to knock them down and then kill them.
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    There are a few guys I know that use the .22 Hornet for Fox and coyote. Very quiet. Around here in S. NH even the Hornet is not allowed, no centerfire rifles. I use a .22wmr. Up north it is fine for small plots, but lacks the 300 yard range of .223. Still has its' place around livestock.
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