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  1. dnthmn2004

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    I want to buy a .22 for plinking and having fun all day at the range with friends while not burning a hole in my wallet. Ive bounced around a few threads with no definite answer and some horror stories. So what make and model would give me the most fun and least frustration?
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    The Browning Buckmark Camper. Nice, easy trigger. Adjustable rear sight. Not very expensive either. Of course if you wanted to go the single action route, there's the Heritage Rough Rider. Cheaper than a Ruger Single Six. I found a Ruger at Bass Pro the other day: 4 5/8'' barrel, plain grips for $399!! The Rough Rider goes for about half that. Maybe not as durable, but it should still last for a few thousand rounds.

  3. Zappa

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    What .22 will be the most fun is a matter of personal preference. Usually the one you can hit the best with will be the most fun, but you won't know that until you've tried many different models. My absolute favorite is my S&W Model #41, but they're not cheap these days and a bit on the heavy side for a .22.
    I also like my Model #63, Model #622VR and H&R Sportsman 199, it all depends on what mood I'm in that day.
    The unfortunate thing is that you're also a Massachusetts resident and you'll notice that your choices are severly limited now due to the AG's "Consumer Protection" regulations. If the gun isn't on the official "Approved Gun Roster", you can't buy it here. I'm glad I got most of mine before the law changed in 98'.
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    My Favorites

    We've had this discussion recently somewhere else.....can't seem to see clearly through the fog though.

    I like .22s where the front and rear sights are fixed in relationship to the barrel. Just seems to be inherently more accurate than having them bounce all over the place, mounted on the slide.

    That said, the Ruger MK series (I have a MK I) and the Browning Buckmark would be my value choices.

    If you want one that looks like a typical polymer handgun then there's Walther P22. And for wow factor at the range, look at the SP22 line. Space age looking. Sorry don't own either, but do like Walther in general.


    Of course if you want revolver then the field is wide open.

    Get a couple of each.

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    I've had excellent luck with my base model Browning Buckmark. I've put several thousand rounds through it without any problems. If a rifle isn't out of the question, I would recommend a Ruger 10/22. You can find them on sale pretty cheap. They have a dependable rotary magazine that fits flush with the stock, there are tons of aftermarket parts for them, and they seem to be very high quality despite their low cost. Opinions on the subject can be helpful, but it's what firearm fits you that counts.
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    thank you all very much for your input. i think ive decided on a buck mark 5.5 field.