.22 Gatlin Gun

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    Yes,they are legal as they still require a deliberate movement to fire each cartridge.

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    22 Gat

    Buddy of mine had one years ago, We would clean K-mart out of ammo for days at a time, we had a blast with that thing, I think he bought his for 800.00 at a gun show all ready put together, thats probably about right, thats back when 10-22 went for about a buck fifty. Good Times!!!
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    that reminds me of one i saw that a guy took two 10/22s and had it just like the 2 50cals on a navy ship including the hand controls
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    I had a friend who had one of these and it was a blast. With a pair of 50rd mags you can go thru some ammo. The only problem that I remember is that the 22 ammo is dirty and cleaning is a bit of a chore.
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    Although it is hand-cranked to fire, the name must be a misnomer because it isn't a Gattling gun at all. A gattling Gun has a cluster of revolving barrels on an axis that fires each barrel sequentially as it rotates to the top position.
    Anyway, whatever this is, it's pretty cool. This looks like a modern rendition of something I saw at a gun show 20 years ago. I've also seen a version of this that uses a pair of AK barreled actions. It looks awesome with the 75 round drums installed!
    There was once a 1/2 scale version of the 1919A4 Browning equipped with a tripod, that fired .22LR fed with a real cloth belt. It was made by Tippmann Arms (the same company that makes paintball guns) and it was VERY expensive when new, but VERY cool looking. I just did a google search and found a .22WMR version selling for only $5500.
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