22 crickett or heritage 22

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    i have a 357 magnum that i carry with me when i go out camping, but i am going to get another gun to go with me next year. kentucky has a spring squirrel season that runs 28 days, and while camping i'd like to have a small gun to get a few. i am a small frame guy 5'6" 150lbs and have shot the crickett and shot it well, i've also got a chance to get a heritage rough rider with 6 inch barrel that i shoot well too. which gun if those were your choices would you get?, i'm on a tight budget so these two are my only choices. thanks for any help.
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    You would probably be more accurate with the Cricket. You might also consider a single shot 410 youth model.

  3. hiwall

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    the Cricket would be more accurate and more durable. IMHO
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    we have 2 at home and neither was chosen by an adult

    The Cricketts are the popular girls at the dance everyone wants to dance with according to the kids.

    Im a single dad have 3 minor children at home, 2 girls, one boy, My first experence with a J Crickett was the local gun shop, I was buying blamo ammo and had my two girls with me, I heard them talking in excited in pre-teen girl voices about somthing??:eek:
    The shop owner and I went to check what it was that had two girls all excited in a gun shop?
    they were looking at a J Crickett .22Lr Blue/Black synthetic stock they wanted to shoot it Real bad! With no hesitation I bought it on the spot $136 in Kotzebue Alaska, Thats the best impulse buy I'd ever made, they are Fun little guns to shoot!:)
    another time I was there with the Youngest Girl and she went nutz for a stainless/Pink J Crickett in .22Lr, dad and another impulse buy.

    I can say I'd try'd diffrent single shot .22's before to get my kids shooting but I found the J Crickett .22's are by far the best fit for kids and they seem to master sighting/shot accuracy faster for some reason with the peepsight.
    the models that fizzed the kid popularity test were the Ithica Model 49, The Stevens model 30, Stevens 73Y, Marlin Model 110 all rate lower in comparrision of fun to shoot.

    The phots's of the kids, the oldest girl in now early Teen's with Pinkie the Fun Gun!

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    Marlin Buckaroo...
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    Rossi makes good affordable, lightweight guns. My brother has a .22/410 that he goes squirrel hunting with. It feels like a toy, and the .22 has good florescent sights.