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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by falseharmonix, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. falseharmonix

    falseharmonix New Member

    I've been considering a .22 conversion kit for my G19 from Advantage Arms.

    Anyone own one?
    Anyone used one?
    Any reviews?
    Anyone know of other companies making the conversion kits?

  2. Glock17TJ

    Glock17TJ New Member

    I have one of the Conversion Kits...LOVE IT !!!...Buy several extra mags, casue your gonna need them. You can load the mags by hand but the mag loader that comes with the kit helps you a whole lot. You kind of got to get used to how the loader works but after you do you can load a mag in about 10 secs...It came with directions to use only 22 cal ammo that is standard velocity...I tried to look it up again a while back and could not find it..I lost the papers that came with them gun. I have shot Subsonic ammo out of it and it shoot well. I tried some High Vel ammo...shoots good to...

    I am glad I got the Conversion kit it was money well spent.