.22 cleaning rods

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    I have had a couple of .22 cleaning rods for many years, One Hoppes and the other I don't know. I got some replacement tips for them, brush, jag, slotted patch holder etc, only to find they did not fit. They were standard 8-32 thread. Thread on the old tips was somewhat smaller, but larger than 6-32 ????. I found that I could drill out the threaded end with a #30 drill (#29 is the proper tap drill for 8-32 but since these were aluminum I wanted a little more thread depth) deep enought to get the length of thread needed and then retap with an 8-32 tap.
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    Just get a bore snake and be done with it.

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    redscho, I've run into the same thing. I don't remember which one had the odd-ball threads, but I just use the rod with the #8-32 female threads. Then all tips fit, some just better than others. Your solution should work just as well, if not better.
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    1-Piece Cleaning Rod 22 to 26 Cal 30 Nylon Coated 8 x 36 Thread

    I have one of these Dewey Nylon coated one piece rods in every caliber I shoot. They come in assorted different lengths for any length barrel. They aren't cheap, but you'll buy it only once. They have quality others don't have like a handle with ball bearings, and they will never damage a bore if you have to clean from the muzzle, like you do on many .22 autoloaders. They are worth every cent.