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  1. devildg03

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    One reason I bought a ruger 10/22 is the ammo is cheap but what is the best ?
  2. dan01

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    Just about anything except Remington Golden Bullets.

  3. Redleg

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    My 4 10/22s will fire anything. Remington Gold is ok if you don't mind filthy ammo. My recommendation is Federal Blue Box 525 bulk, which costs about the same and is much much cleaner. I have never had a single FTF or FTE with Fed. Or, for that matter, the dirty Win stuff.
  4. c3shooter

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    First, you must define the term "best".

    Best for plinking?
    Serious target?
    (Shudder) self defense?
    Potting vermin at zero range?
    Not disturbing the neighbors?

    In GENERAL, CCI does a very good job of making consistent rimfire ammo. But for really serious 50-100 yd target shooting, match grade ammo that will run about $15/50 rds. Lapua, Nobel, Eley, Fiocchi etc etc. However, among match ammo, Wolf Match .22 LR at about $8/50 is giving the high priced stuff a run for its money.

    But since you are shooting an auto and not a bolt, you also must have a round that feeds, fires, and ejects consistently in YOUR rifle.
  5. Blueguns

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    Why do people dislike this ammo? I love it.
  6. Vincine

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    I bought 500 rounds of real cheap Winchester Wildcat when I first got my rifle on the theory that I wouldn’t be better than any of my hardware & supplies, and that it would take me awhile to press the limits of the ammo. THAT was a mistake! At least if you want to learn how to shoot! It was inconsistent as hell, but I only discovered it was inconsistent instead of me being inconsistent when I picked up a couple of small boxes of CCI Velocitor (I didn’t really know what I was buying). All of a sudden I became the best shot on the range when I used it.

    Now I’m working though my way through 1600 rounds of CCI Mini Mags and it’s very consistent, if not as tight as the Velocitors. I don’t know about the other cheap ammo, but shooting the Wildcat was like having all 'flyers' all the time.

    I have some 'Remington Eley Target Rifle' (it has a yellow label) which is supposed to be better because it’s slower, but I don’t see tighter groups with it.

    All of the above was ‘Bench Rest’ by the way. I’m just now starting ‘Standing’.
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  7. hardluk1

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    The best ammo for any .22lr is the one you can afford to buy that you and your rifle are happy with. Really. Just got to buy and try.
  8. Redleg

    Redleg New Member

    Nothing wrong with Remington Golden except that it seems to be dirtier than many other choices. After loading my magazines my fingers were black. But it functioned perfectly in my 10/22. Today I am going to test out the rest of the box in my Ruger Mark III Target.
  9. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver New Member

    We have 5 .22's and they work well with anything but the Remington Golden Turds. The Remington stuff has 15-20% dud failures per box in our recent experience. Not worth the price when better ammo is available for less cost.

    For everyday shooting we go with the Federal 550 Bulk Box ammo from Walmart. The 36 grain hollow point is reliable and accurate in all five of our guns. We'll usually have one or two rounds per box that won't fire, but thats about it. The cost is around $17.50 per box around here.
  10. Curlyjoe_99

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    Have to suggest the variety pack before you buy in bulk. each rifle is a combination of machined parts that when assembled make a unique piece of machinery. try a few 50 count boxes of different ammunition if you can. otherwize, try a box of bulk pack at a time. remember as the rifle breaks in, ammunition that fed well at the beginning may not feed at all. or vice-a-versa. as others have stated, you will want to find the rounds that work well in your rifle.

    also, if you modify your rifle for any reason, expect to start the process over again. i put a VQ 2000 trigger assembly in my 1022 and now it won't cleanly eject most bulk federal rounds. it will eject the champoin federal cleanly but not their other offerings. like the military teaches new recruits, "This is my rifle. there are many like it, but this one is mine" Enjoy your rifle because once you find that sweet spot ammunition she could easily become your best friend.

    Just MHO, yours may be different, and that's OK

  11. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    Forgot , Run 500 rounds of what ever before looking for a bullet to stock up on. Give any ammo when changed 20 runds max before desideing if its any good or not.
  12. Commocarl

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  13. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Remington rimfire ammo has a few issues...among them are:
    No powder loads (Squibs)
    Half-powder loads
    Double powder loads
    No primer
    spotty primer
    odd-sized bullets
    bad crimp
    odd case size

    I can only say that those who've had good runs of Remington Rimfire Ammo have been lucky.

    With some of us we've run thru several 550 packs a MONTH...so we'll see a greater number of errors than average.
    I've got two Calico's; a pistol and carbine, multiple semi-auto, levers & slides, carbines from various makers, and tons of stuff people bring me to fix...
    The Calico's are 100-rds per mag each...5 mags eats a 500 box real fast.
    I use Spee-D-Loaders on tube-mag carbines...so there goes another box...
    and then once I get all my box mags loaded, that's another 500...

    After unloading the fun way, by the end of the day, that's a ton of ammo downrange...
    and after writing down in the log books how each weapon fares...and how each ammo fares...
    I'd put CCI on top for reliability, everyone else in the middle, ARMSCOR next to last & Remington Dead Last.
    Strangely enough, the Mexican-made Aguila & Centurion, which was a Remington plant & the workers taught by Remmy personnel...
    makes better rimfire ammo these days than Remmy does...go figure. Possibly because they were taught back in the 60's,
    and they carried that higher standard with them to this day...whereas Remington's Rimfire division has SUCKED for about two decades, IMHO.

    Ammo does NOT earn Nasty Nicknames unless its EARNED 'em...hence the Golden Bullsquish (nice version) and Thunderduds.

    Sadly, when you DO get a good box of RGB's, they usually group pretty darn well...its just finding a good box that's really hard!!
  14. MountainRobin

    MountainRobin New Member

    This is a very good conversation, Me & my family went to the Mountains where we usually go to get some time in with our guns, I had CCI loaded in the Marlin 89C trying to zero a new scope, the CCI fired perfectly, we also took the Mosseburg 702 and a box of 550 Remingtons 39 grain, which would not shoot, and so many wouldn't fire in the Marlin, man it was a pure pain in the ***, couldn't get the scope zero because their was a problem with every round with feeding, no powder or something, the Mossburg wouldn't feed correctly either, so from reading this I know its not the rifle's but instead the ammo, headed back to zero tommorrow.
  15. kycol

    kycol New Member

    My three favorite 22's are the winchester 555 in the red box, the federal bulk in the blue box, and Winchester wild cats.
  16. Redleg

    Redleg New Member

    By coincidence I tried the Remington Goldens in my 10/22 and Mark III this past week, and then fired both weapons with Fed Bulk 525 Blue Box. The difference in the dirtiness of the weapons after shooting was quite remarkable. The Federal shoots clean and handles clean. The Remingtons really make cleaning the weapons a chore. They worked OK though. Never again.
  17. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    What is the difference between Federal bulk in the blue box and Federal Bulk in the red box. I have the Red box. I don't think I've ever seen the blue box.
  18. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    Of the cheap bulk stuff, Blazer is quite good, for both accuracy and reliability. It works well in all of my .22s.
    FWIW, for target ammo, a good lot of Green Tag can run with the big dogs.
  19. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    I think it's just the color of the box.
  20. dabbson

    dabbson New Member

    I have shot CCI stingers, mini-mag , velocitor. Aguilar sniper subsonic . Remington golden sh** . And Winchester 40 gn super-x lead round nose and these where shot through my armscor m1600 semi-auto with a Nikon p-22 scope and cycled well expect the Remington's they will never be used again. CCI stingers and velocitor I use for long range shooting they work really well.