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22 "ammo" trick.

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Not sure if any of ya'll know about this one, I used it back in the day with my single shot, bolt action Remington 22lr rifle just to play with in the back yard. You can use a 22cal air gun pellet and a small 22cal blank cartridge likes used in the nail guns(looks like a crimped 22 short without the bullet) and load in your bolt guns to make what amounts to a 22 BB cap load. Just load the pellet in first, push the blank in behind it and close the bolt and you'd be surprised at how well it works at short range.
I know 22lr has been hard to come by lately so I figure I'd pass this little trick along so that you could at least get a little practice in or shoot small game at short range with something until you can find the actual "real deal" 22lr stuff. ;)
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I don't doubt that it works. sounds like a pretty expensive way to shoot pellets. Wouldn't a pellet gun be simpler? A few hundred blanks later and you could've bought an inexpensive pellet gun with a few tins of pellets..
You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent pellet rifle. I have a crosman phantom I bought for $80. I never have any problems with it. I have put over 10,000 pellets through it. I have shot it through a chronograph. It shoots a constant 1040 FPS. I did have to put new rubber in the compression cylinder one time after 2 years of use. It has lasted a lot longer than the Benjamin Nitro NP I paid $275 for that fell apart in 2 weeks.

When you buy a pellet rifle no matter who makes it or how much you paid for it they all pretty much have the same power plant. You are paying for the name and nicer furniture. The charlie da tuna triggers fit a whole bunch of popular pellet guns. I have one on my phantom.
I have a Daisy 881 my dad bought in the late 70s. I'm sure it has tens of thousands of pellets through it. That thing will not die. It will still put RWS Hobby pellets into one hole at 10 meters all day.
Considering it's descendant the 880 is available for under $50, there really isn't a lot of excuse for doing without. More powerful break barrels start at around $80 if you have a squirrel problem.
I have a number of other higher quality airguns as well (older Beeman, Weihrauch Feinwerkbau), but the Daisy is impressive due to the sheer value for money factor.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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