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    This little clip is for those who still think the USAF is a "sissy" military service that stays in the rear and just has the officers do the fighting.

    Today's USAF is completely different than the cold war USAF. The USAF has put PT and warrior/field training in the forefront for some time. If you can't meet the standards, you are gone....no questions asked.


    This is just a very small example of how the new USAF is operating, and is "in the sh*t" just like everyone else.

    I just want to set the record straight. This is a very public forum and I do not want any military branch of service to be misrepresented in any way, that's all.

    US Air Force

    US Navy

    US Army

    US Marine Corp

    US Coast Guard

    They are all involved in the fight and they are all doing their part. Just want to make sure that fact is out there.
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    Thanks for posting that.

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    I've worked closely with forward air control teams and combat controller teams and competed with them in several competitions. I've drank and hung out with Para-Medics. All 3 groups were very focused and had a drive that wasn't common in the regular army. This was back in the mid-'90s too, when the Air Force had the worst reputation for being the "cream puff" branch.