200 yards - Red dot or scope?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by DP03, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. DP03

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    I'm looking to target shoot my new Sig 716 at various distances, but probably not more than 200 yards on a regular basis. Will an Aimpoint red dot do the trick or do I need a scope for tight groups?

    If is the answer is both would be good for different purposes, which would make more sense as a starting point?

    This is my first AR, so I appreciate the help.
  2. JTJ

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    Red dots are not precision shooting optics. They are meant for fast shooting scenarios. An AR with a red dot sighted in at 50 yards will be on target out to 200-220 yards depending on barrel length. On target means within the red dot moa. At 200 yards a 3 moa dot will cover 6" of target. I now have a Bushnell Trophy XLT 1-4x24 with a 1moa dot that can be illuminated. It will give you the red dot and the scope. Drawback is it is a lot heavier than a red dot.

  3. jjfuller1

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    a red dot is for fast aqusition. generally on larger area targets such as a torso, or square plate.. at any longer distance you will not get the best of groupings. a scope is made for accuracy... and will give you as tight a group as you are capable of at those distances. if i was going into CQB or short range competitions i would take the red dot.. if i want holes touching in a bullseye im taking the scope.
  4. JonM

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    Check out the trijicon tr24. I'm just in love with this optic. True 1x simple triangle blows away any rds in speed. At 4x you have a good aiming reticle for 100-300 yards before you need to dial in drops.

    I'm using one on my scar17 on a adm qd mount. I like it better than my acog.

    I'm not a fan of dot sights too limiting and I find worse than using iron sights much past 50 yards. Mileage may vary. Some folks will definately disagree with me on this :D
  5. eatmydust

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    Before relying on a red dot sight for distance shooting, find out the size of the actual red dot. If your shooting a 2 moa red dot sight at a target 200 yards away, you'll obscure your x-ring.

    You will be able to hit your target if you're looking to be "combat" accurate, but not if you're target shooting for the bullseye.
  6. mdwalkerjr

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    I've got the Trijicon TR24 on my M&P 10. Great optic.

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  7. bluez

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    if you stay among affordable units and dont talk ACOGS (which are scopes rather than redots anyway) you can still do it whit a redot all day long..

    BUT I would strongly recommend the EoTech 512 or 517 instead of the AIMPOINT PRO then (I run both on different rifles).

    The EOtech while some say less robust than the AIMpoint is still plenty robust and has never failed me.

    Also it features a 1 moa dot surrounded by article
    The 2 and even 4 MOA dots on AIMpoints are IMO not fine enough to enable easy aiming at non CQB distances.
    My rifles with aimpoints are all CQB setups only.
    My Eotech equipped rifle is my all distance rifle, the EoTech works great at both short (under 100) , medium ( under 300m ) distances.

    From 350 m on up I would prefer something with magnification like a traditional scope.