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    Can somebody tell me if SWC is loaded the same as LSWC? What would the oal be if using clays pwdr? Thanks in advance if you can direct me to a load data which shows # of grains using clays and the oal.
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    Cadoll your best bet for infor is a good reloading manual like Sierra's or Hornady's manuals.

    For online use Try looking at www.hodgdon.com they have the best online listing of loads I have seen.....

    If you are using a Lead SWC and a Jacketed SWC no the load data will not be the same. I am assuming you are loading for a 45acp. You can load jacketed bullet to a higher speed that a lead or plated bullet.

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    COL is a gun/barrel/bullet variable and can be "assumed" from loading manuals or your buddies favorite load.
    I have never gotten the accuracy out of a jacketed SWC as I get from a cast SWC in .45 Auto. Loading data comes from manufacturer and other reloading component companies. Not from me and not from your buddy.
    I show the following:
    Jacketed SWC: start is 3.9gn and max is 4.3gn.
    Lead SWC: start is 3.6gn and max is 4.3gn
    This is too tight a range for me to want to play in, especially for a jacketed bullet. I only load powders that show at least a grain between start and max and I KNOW that Clays peaks quickly and has an almost hockey-stick pressure curve, so I don't use it.
    If you can, look at 231/HP38, AA2, AA5, Bullseye, or Red Dot. These powders have never shown a spikey pressure curve for me and all produce great accuracy. Solo 1000 is a very fast powder, but it still has about a 1 grain range from start to max.
    Clays and TiteGroup are "in" powders that I have simply NOT been happy with.