20 ga buck shot ammo

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by gilfo, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. gilfo

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    Why is it that nobody sells 20 ga buckshot in more than 5 rd boxes. I see 12 ga all over the place but no 20 ga.
  2. hawkguy

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    why is the sky blue.......? :p

    good question, the only thing i can come up with is demand. even though the 20 gauge is probably the 2nd fave for shotguns...it is a DISTANT second to the 12. one of the main downsides of the 20 IMO is the lack of variety of ammo.

    many places will run discounts on 25 rounds of 20 gauge buckshot....but it is still packed in 5 round boxes. :confused: seems like at least 1 company out there would sell a 25 pack or so?

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    How exactly does a posi track in a Plymouth work ? It just does !

    No Im kidding, I don`t know, I know they used to.

    I will see if I can`t find out why.
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    Why is there hardly any buckshot choices at all for the 10 gauge and why when you do find one it don't have hardley any more pellets per shell than the 12 gauge load??Why is the .410 a weak kids round until you put it in a Taurus Judge-then it becomes so awesomley the awese-omist self defense round ever!?And what's the deal with the 28gauge lol?
  5. JTJ

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    My opinion is probably not worth a lot, but I believe the 410 is not a gun for a kid. It is a gun for an experienced shooter. Same with the 28. The 20 gauge is a much better choice.
    The 12 is the most popular gauge and has more rounds available for it. Packaging is better too as there are more bulk packs available.
    You usually see #3 buck in 20 gauge (20 - .25" pellets) defense loads. Older and smaller shooters that are more recoil sensitive would be better served with a 20. Recoil could be reduced a little more with an auto loader. Slug loads are 5/8 oz and 3/4 oz. I have even been looking at the 410 for a home defense shotgun. 5-000 buck in a 3" load is pretty formidable. I think I may have found a decent slug load for the 410. Still researching.