2 machines for 3 calibres

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  1. jedi_shikari

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    Folks, I need your advice/ideas.

    Dillon 650 setup for 38super.
    Dillon 1050 setup for 9mm.

    I need to load .45acp too.
    Now, if I do that on the 650, I have to swap small primers for large.
    Should I load 9mm and 38super on the 650 and .45 solely on the 1050 as Calibre-switch is easier on the 650??

    I have a case feeder for 9mm. Should work on the 38super too?

    Finally, me wants a bullet feeder - what should I get that works with 650 and 1050 and is cheap to switch between calibres: 38super, 9mm and .45 ?

    All advice will be appreciated.
  2. masterPsmith

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    Depends on your needs. How much do you shoot in a typical outing ? I average about 500 rounds per caliber per outing when I do serious training. Less when it's a plinking outing. My 550B does just fine, as I can load at a rate of just under 500 rounds per hour. I would love to have the 1050, but cannot justify the initial cost and then cost of caliber conversions. The 650 should suite you well depending on your re-loading needs. Reemember, Dillon has great phone service and a great no-bull**** warrenty. I was once a Dillon Dealer when I had my gunshop and believe fully in their products. Happy re-loading........


  3. anm2_man

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    From your post, I assume you already have a 650 + 1050. The big issue with the 1050 is the cost of caliber conversions. With that, I would recommend that you load your .45acp on the 650.

    As far as using your current small pistol case feed plate, you cannot use it for 45acp. You need to get a large pistol case feed plate.

    As far as a bullet feeder, it ain't cheap going from caliber to another. I looked into this a couple of years ago and decided I couldn't aford it. But I came up with my $25 / caliber bullet feeder. See it here -> http://www.beltfedshooters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8979&highlight=bullet+feeder

    Works like a charm.
  4. I have two 650s. One is always set up for small primer, the other always for large primer.

    I reload both rifle and pistol ammunition on each press - with proper tool head and plate switches of course.

    Case feed has components to switch. You will need 'small pistol' and 'large pistol'. The 9x19 and Super 38 both are small, the .45 ACP is large. No clue on a bullet feed. At first, I thought that was the one thing I'd change, but I now like to look and see the charge in the case. I suppose I could adapt. ANM2 Man seems to have an impressive looking set up. (I know nothing about it.)

    If you already have a 1050, I'd suggest selling it for a 650 and some 'boot'. Unless you use the 1050 commercially.
  5. JonM

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    you could just get the small primered 45acp cases. that way you dont have to swap the 650 priming system.

    its faster to swap the priming system and caliber conversion on the 650 than do just a caliber conversion on the 1050.
  6. jpattersonnh

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    Seriously? I load 14 calibers on a single stage press. Put the $$ under the matress.
  7. cottontop

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    I agree w/ jpattersonnh. I also load several calibers and only use a single stage press. I don't feel handicapped a bit.
  8. dustinoif3

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    Yeah Jonm has a good point about the small primer 45's. Im new to reloading the 45acp and ran into the large and small primer cases. Pain in the butt to separate then have to change primer systems to do the others but oh well. Usually when I sit down all I have is time.