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    I've seen a few brands rather common with the members here, and am wondering if anyone would give their two-cents' worth on this or that manufacturer. I could go through the entire wikipedia list of manufacturers, but that'd be silly. Buuut, if anyone wants to give their opinion/experience with any makers, I'll gladly listen.

    I wish there were stickys on this stuff. *Grins* It's cool though :cool:
    Brands I'm already thinking about, if anyone cares...
    Ruger, S&W, Colt, Beretta, Glock, Browning, any others I might think of or get a recommendation to. Initially, .22LR Bolt-Action rifle, to be followed in a few years by a varmint-shooter, a handgun, and supplemented by a healthy dose of shotty.

    So here ya go - defend your faves, trash your hateds, lemme know what you think if you so feel inclined.

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    If you ever take the State Bar Exam to become an attorney, I'll tell you now the answer to all the questions on the exam. The answer is "Well, that all depends...."

    Same answer applies to your question. For revolvers, I like S&W. There are folks equally devoted to Colt, Ruger, etc etc etc. That's why there are multiple flavors of icecream- I like chocolate, you like strawberry.

    For a bolt action .22, well, depends on what you want to use it for. Plinking, hunting? marlin makes as nice a casual 22 as anybody, and been doing it a long time. I must admit I have starting collecting older Mossberg 22s, and have a 44 US I would put up against any production target rifle- but would NOT want to lug that heavy thing thru the woods squirrel hunting. But off the sandbags it will put 5 bullets in a slightly ragged hole at 50 meters if I am doing my part.

    I think the only broad brush slam you will see of a maker is the cheapie class of stuff- Lorcin, RG, etc have a rep for being bio-degradable, self disassembling, and in general, don't last.

    But Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Browning, Mossberg, Colt, S&W, Dan Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Berreta, and many others all make good guns. You will just see different opinion on which is the "best" of a particular model. And I still like chocolate. :)

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    I have to agree with C3 - I also like chocolate and this is FAR too broad of a question.

    For example - I don't like Glocks, but there is a whole forum section devoted to them, so for me to try and tell you that they aren't any good is obviously not the case, because all those people who own them will say differently.

    I would suggest narrowing your field of view down to a couple of models that you like, then solicit opinions from the good folks here about those specific choices...

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    To start out I haven’t seen a gun I did not like. I will say there have been a few I felt where somewhat unreliable or poor quality that I would not own but I like them all.

    I have been lucky enough to work in the field of firearms for over ½ of my life so I have had the opportunity to handle, shoot and somewhat abuse a large verity of firearms. I am no expert and my opinions are based on how they feel, shoot and operate in my hands.

    For a large number of years I was a 1911 fan and nothing else would satisfy my needs. Then the Glock 17 came out and I shot it. It was OK but I wasn’t to thrilled, I mean “A plastic gun had no soul” You can’t weld, grind or modify it with new and cool parts like a 1911.

    But then the Glock 19 came out, it fit in my hand, it had a 15 round magazine, it seemed reliable and battlefield accurate and it was in 9mm. I have always been a closet 9mm fan but was afraid to admit it. I fell in love with it. I bought one and started shooting it at local competitions. I was beating my 1911 scores even with the scoring differences of the 9 vs. 45.
    Sense then I have sold all the 1911s and currently have 4 Glock 19s all with the newer finger grip frame and all in stock configuration. They just fit my hand and the shooting style I enjoy doing. No, they are not the most accurate, they are plastic, but they are reliable and I trust them with my life.

    I have been a .357 fan sense I was old enough to know what it was. It is powerful enough to take big game if need be and is controllable for double tap type shooting. I have mixed emotions on manufacture I like the smoothness of the older Smith & Wesson and the ruggedness of the Ruger. So I have to say I have 2 favorites. I like a 4-inch barrel for hiking and ease of carry.

    First is the Ruger GP100 4in. It fits my hand and I like the weight. The lock up systems is strong and it looks like it could just take abuse day in and day out that other manufactures could not.

    Second is the Smith & Wesson 686 4in (old style spur hammer) it is smooth refined and just a great firearm to shoot.

    I am very opinionated here I just love the Remington 870 HD. Fast, reliable and easy to maintain. I also have a couple 26-in bbl guns for hunting. I have had issues with other brands but never a problem with the 870 My first was a Wing Master in 2 ¾ only. I still have it and it has worked flawlessly for 15years.

    Again I have 2 favorites based on caliber. I am a 308 fan and have been sense the early 80s and I also like the 5.56. I think the 5.56 come from my days in the military. I also feel it is a great medium game and home defense cartridge.
    First is the .308 or 7.62 x 51. My favorite rifle is the FAL. I am down to 2 from 4 just a short time ago. I have a DSA 58C 16.25 barrel with full tactical rail and scope I use for hunting. I like the placement of controls and the balance of the gun and for me it has worked every time.
    I also have a DSA58C PARA folding stock. It just meets my cool factor what else can I say.

    The second is the 5.56. I have several bolt guns and AR style rifles but my 2 favorites are my Smith & Wesson MP15 and a Bushmaster Modular. The smith is stock except for the addition of a forward grip. It is light and so far reliable. It is my bug out rifle. The bush has a Leupold 2 x7, Tactical grip and a forward grip it is my varmint rifle. I will grab it over the bolt rifles even though they are a bit more accurate.

    Favorite 22lr:
    Pistol Ruger MkII steel frame 5.5-bull barrel or 4in standard taper. They just feel good in my hand and shoot straight.

    Ruger 10-22 I don’t like the stock so I sanded mine to fit me. The action and accuracy is just hard to beat for a production rifle.

    These are the choices I came up with after playing the gun game for many years. Like I said at the top I like all firearms these just fit my likes, style and needs the most.