2.5 lb trigger for LR-308

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by butchtango, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. butchtango

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    I need to know what kind of trigger I should go with. I just got a new DPMS LR-308 and love the gun...but hate the trigger. The trigger pull is extremly heavy. I have mod'd guns before but have never gotten into any trigger work and was wondering what would be a good brand to do with......

    Any suggestions?
  2. matt g

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    All of my experience with ARs has been with GI M16/M4s. I've found that they're all pretty heavy and clumsy. You might see if you can't find a 2 stage, match grade trigger.

    Here is a Chip McCormick piece that looks nice: http://www.wilsoncombat.com/r_trigger_groups.asp

  3. butchtango

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    I thought about a two stage trigger but talked myself out of it. I want to go with a match grade 1 stage trigger. As this rifle is borderline benchrest shooting....but ultimatly I will be using it for coyote hunting
  4. BillM

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    Does it use the same fire control parts as an AR? I've got JP trigger kits
    in all my AR's and have absolutely no complaints.
  5. slowryde45

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    I have Jewell, Chip McCormick, RRA (2-stage), Timney triggers in almost all my AR's. They are head over heels improvement on anything the factory puts in. The McCormick and the Timney triggers are virtually drop in replacements, even though they suggest you take it to a gunsmith to do. If you can pull and replace a couple pins, you can do it yourself. Afterwards, a simple safety check to insure everything is functional and you are ready to go. The Jewell triggers are like the RRA, in kit form. You might find that a little more challenging, but check online for step-by-step instructions and even that is do-able.

    Depending on the kind of shooting you do most, single stage triggers seem to be preferred for tactical, home defense, where you won't be spending alot of time prepping for a shot but need a quick clean break. Not that you can't. 2-stage triggers are set up more for the target type shooter, where you take the time to feel the take-up, then the break. Again, not that you can't use the 2-stage for home defense or taking over a 3rd world country.