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2 22s for a song!

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I ran into an old Am. Legion buddy last night, after discussing his shooting experiences in the service I asked him if he had any guns. He told me he has a few but needs to sell 3 of them. He wanted to sell a Rem 760 and a couple 22s. He said one was a bolt and one was a semi auto and he wanted $50 for each of the 22s. I said "SOLD". I picked them up this Morn but my consience wouldnt let me pay $50 each, I gave him $60. One is a Marlin 25 and the other a Marlin 60. Both have military type slings and scopes. The scopes are the little $10 cheapos but the guns are in very good condition, they look new.He threw in 100 rounds of Win Wildcats and 100 CCI mini mags. I now have a 22 for each of my Grandkids. I've been looking for 22s in rough but restorable condition just for winter projects. I still don't have projects.
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Sweet deal ya got there, I can't ever get lucky enough to come across deals like that. Pictures would be appreciated!
I love those old Marlin 60's great little shooters. Many a squirrel have met their demise thanks to the 60. Congrats on the great deal.
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