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  1. Situation
    1. Enemy Forces
      • At this time, information on the enemy is scattered at best. The enemy seems to be people previously thought to be dead.
    2. Friendly Forces
      • Friendly forces are limited. There seem to be few people available who are both prepared and trained to engage these hostile forces.
  2. Mission
    • All units receiving will rally at Pima Pistol Club (32.458360N, -110.906789E) NLT 0830 21FEB09 to defend prescribed area against incursion.
  3. Execution
    1. Commander's Intent - At this time, survival is our primary goal. Stay tuned to receive more information.
    2. Concept of the Operation - Again, to stay alive. As we receive more information from intelligence, we will have a more concrete plan.
  4. Service Support
    1. Administration - We will take no prisoners. Since it appears to be a contagion, at this time, we will not have any CASEVAC plans.
    2. Logistics - Each individual will be responsible for arriving with at least 200 rounds of ammunition for their rifle, and 75 for their pistol. Water is also suggested
  5. Command/Signal
    1. Signal

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Early reports are indicating that only the entire destruction of the core brain stem will terminate the infected.

This can be accomplished through mutiple methods, but surivors are recommended to utilize firearms in an attempt to keep distance between themselves and potential pathogens.

While .22lr has been demonstrated to work, it is not a recommended choice of caliber due to the significant amount of tramua needed to be inflicted upon the infected nervous system for full neutralization.
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