1st time competing

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by zhuk, May 11, 2009.

  1. zhuk

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    Well I had my first try at .22 range competition yesterday, the first time ever shooting a longarm (apart from the brief tryout of a double-barrelled shotgun when I was 17, which i don't really count it was so many years ago).

    3 different shoots, all @ 100m (the noob distance lol)

    I luvd it, seriously great fun. Used a bipod prone due to my complete inexperience, this was the reason i got a pretty good score. Next time won't be nearly so uh, forgiving as the bipod is out. Then I should see my *real* capabilities :D I'm fully prepared for extensive public embarassment lol

    On top of my 2nd time pistol shooting the day before, and to my amazement didn't miss one shot...

    Pistol & longarm all in 2 days...I'm VERY happy ;)
  2. JoeCool

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    Congrats on the successful first comp! Be sure to post your range reports :)