1st time AR-15 build range report

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    My first time build was not without its challenges. Mistakes made, thankfully did not affect the operation of the rifle. And hopefully I will learn from my mistakes for the next build. In planning this build I went for quality, not economy. I started with a Spikes Tactical stripped lower, & a CMMG LPK. In the lower I made a couple of substitutions: a Magpul pistol grip, & an Ambi safety selector from Brownells. Collapsable stock came as a kit which I got from Amazon consisting of a mil-spec diameter 6 position tube with a Spikes spring & buffer & Magpul STR stock. Upper was also Spikes with the fwd assist & ejection port cover pre-installed. Barrel is CMMG chrome moly steel with ferritic nitrocarburizing, with the A2 front sight installed. BCG is of high quality-mil spec in every way from Palmetto State Armory. BCM Gunfighter ambi charging handle. MOE handguard. A basic A2 flash hider. I had it out at the range yesterday after getting my gunsmith to check the headspace & test fire it for me just for safety. Which he didn't even charge me. As far as the operation goes, the stock trigger works fine for me right now, I like the feel of it. Clean break, possibly in the future, I might install a tactical trigger. I'm not interested in comp triggers. My first task in shooting it was to sight in the Magpul MBUS rear iron sight, & Vortex SPARC red dot. I had to adjust my front sight 2 clicks down. Once all that was done, I got to really have some fun! I guess its true what they say about getting what you pay for because I put about 200 rounds thru it, with quite a bit of rapid fire & did not have a single misfeed. It functioned flawlessly. I especially liked the feel of the cycling with the Spikes buffer & spring. I'm not sure if I want to stay with the red dot, or get a good scope for it. Not sure what else to say. I'm not a firearms expert. But this is my rifle that I built myself & I love it. It is SO MUCH fun to shoot!! BRD settin in BAD! ;) The target is from 100 yds with just the unmagnified red dot havin some fun so yall take it easy on me :) ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1389843484.117167.jpg ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1389843500.215222.jpg ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1389843520.198554.jpg
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    Very Nice! Congrats on your first build! If you do consider another trigger? For the money the Rock River Two Stage is one of the finest triggers out there for the money! Also even with your present trigger if you want to even improve it there is a little trick to doing it very inexpensively! That is by simply putting a set of KNS Anti Rotate Trigger and Hammer Pins in it! You will not believe the improvement they make. Also with other triggers as well. Did not believe it myself until I tried some. Now I have them in three of my ARs. Also regarding the scope you want to be sure you purchase your mount for it so it has the forward positioned scope rings on it. I prefer the Rock River Arms Scout Rail because I can use standard scope rings on it and I have total adjustment regarding scope position and eye relief. But the stationary ones are not all that bad. Also as a helpful hint if you do use a Scout Rail Medium Height Rings work great with most all larger scopes. Also sounds like you put the right parts together and have a very reliable weapon. And you are right about you get what you pay for. The cheap stuff out there sometimes creates some serious tolerance issues when it comes to the AR Rifle. And guys wonder why they will not function correctly or reliably. If built right (which yours is~) there is no reason for an AR to have any issues from the get go!
    With a good magazine they should function perfectly! Once again great build!