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  1. cluckenbill

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    I've just purchased a lee reloading setup and I'm an avid hunter and shooter of 30-30. I usually shoot Remington core lokt 150 grain factory rounds and would like to reload them as close to those specs as possible. I've got there bullets but how do I know what powder and primer to use?
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    You need a reloading manual.

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    If your rifle is tube fed, do not use pointed pullets except for the Hornady leverlution which have a soft plastic tip.:eek:
    Get a good reloading manual and read all the directions before attempting to reload any rounds. Mistakes can be catastrophic.
    What rifle do you have?
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    The Remington bullet is pretty good. Use standard (non-magnum) large rifle primers and one of several powders. You MUST get a reloading manual. I like the Lyman's #49, but the ABC's of Reloading is very good.

    DO NOT just "load 'em up" with any given powder. The book will have "starting loads" that call for the minimum powder level and "max loads". Normally you start with the (duh) starting load, load a few (I use 3) at that level and work up incrementally TOWARD max, not necessarily TO max. You will find the "sweet spot" where the ammo shoots exceptionally well. As you increase beyond that level the accuracy goes down hill again. You want a balance between accuracy and power. Generally, a load about 2 grains under max will be that sweet spot, but again do not just load "that" load and assume all is well. The beauty of reloading/handloading is in the experimentation.
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    My best results in the .30-30 with 150 grain Core-Lokt (round nose .30-30 bullets_) has been with Remington 9 1/2 primers, and 4064 powder.

    Get the reloading manual, and use the charge weights listed.
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    Also, search for Remington Shoot! It provides some ballistic data for Remington rounds. Again, use the starting loads in your manual to approach a safe load
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    I've got a Winchester 94 and that is the info I was looking for I've got a reloading manual but just wanted some direction as to a load that is known to work well. Thanks
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    everyone has given you very good advice on this. i too reload for the 30-30 and there are some very good loads in the data books for the 30-30. look at Remington's website for the MV of their ammo and use a powder that will help you duplicate those MV's when used correctly. the load data books give an approximate MV of those loads listed in the book. follow the advice given and use caution by starting at the lower end of the load data and you will find something that works quite well.