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1st round blues

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I currently own a Remingtion 504 22lr. This gun is capable of groups 0.3" or less at 50 yards. Here is my dilema, after sitting for any amout of time greater than a couple of hours, the first 2 or 3 shots out of the gun will not hit within 3 inches of zero. After a couple of shots the gun will work it's way back to zero where I could then put bullet on bullet all day long, until I pack the gun away. The first shots are always low, but could be left or right of zero. It does not seam to be temperature related, nor does it matter the cleanliness of the barrel or the type of ammunition. Has anyone out there run into this, and is there a cure?????
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I agree with JD. Heat (or lack thereof) can do very interesting things to metal. On a side note, I need a floated barrel :D
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