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1st round blues

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I currently own a Remingtion 504 22lr. This gun is capable of groups 0.3" or less at 50 yards. Here is my dilema, after sitting for any amout of time greater than a couple of hours, the first 2 or 3 shots out of the gun will not hit within 3 inches of zero. After a couple of shots the gun will work it's way back to zero where I could then put bullet on bullet all day long, until I pack the gun away. The first shots are always low, but could be left or right of zero. It does not seam to be temperature related, nor does it matter the cleanliness of the barrel or the type of ammunition. Has anyone out there run into this, and is there a cure?????
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I think cold bore is part of the problem, but three inches off zero? That's six minutes of angle, and a lot of space.

I suspect a bedding problem that changes as the rifle barrel heats up. Most likely you zeroed the gun with a warm bore...(well, you had to if it's zeroed as you said.) You might also check the bedding screws.

If the fore end is pressing against the barrel when it's warm, it will cause the zero to move. Relieving the barrel channel cure the problem if that's what it is. BUT...cold bore zero has a definite affect on zero. It's just that three inches is (IMO) beyond a cold bore.

Another thing is begining shooting with a clean bore, which was mentioned earlier as affecting accuracy. A clean .22 bore doesn't necessarily promote accuracy, although it can be overcome if you know how your rifle points with a clean bore. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I almost never clean my .22 rinfires. Maybe after 1000 rounds I'd run a patch thru them, but that's just me.
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Shilen says freezng a barrel has no effect, either good or bad.
I'm not impuning anyone's knowledge, just putting out another point of view. I don't know how much it would cost to freeze a barrel, but the gunsmithing cost of remoing the barrel and shipping it off is an expense I'd only make after careful consideation, as it's bound to raise the overall cost in the rifle. Nothing wrong with other pionts of view, that's the way to reach an informed decision.

I've read favorable articles about cyrogenics, maybe witten by stalkingbear, but none of them mentioned correcting a 6 MOA error.

I still think it's something in the beddng.
I know it's not the same thing, but I had a .22 Hornet that would climb three inches @100 yards because of side pressure from the fore-end. It got a lot hotter than a 22 rimfire, but it wasn't like scorching or anything. The grain of the wood in the fore-end was biased and it didn't take much heat to put a tiny bit of pressure, and that changed the barrel dynamics dramatically.

It was an odd problem in that I'd shoot a couple of good rounds, adjust the sight to bring it back to zero, and by that time the bbl ha cooled off and the next group would be off in right field. I thought it was the scope.

I agree that with your breakdown in most likely case scenarios. Espcially those up front. I've never seen a rifle yet that was harmed by floating the barrel.
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