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So, I know the G29 is old hat and some on this forum are not glock fans. But, gonna give my range report on it anyway. I'll keep it brief though.
Hopefully it helps someone.
10+1 round capacity
3.78" barrel

Added tritium sights.
Added pinky extensions to the mags.

We all know the G29 is a buster and kicks like a mule. I will certainly affirm that.

I burned through 20 rounds of blazer 180 grain flat nose to do a little break in.
At 25 yards it grouped decently, maybe a 4 inch group, to the left. I brought my sight pusher and was able to correct for windage.

The blazer 180 grain made about 1170 fps at the muzzle, for 547 ft lbs.
My handloads:
155 grain XTP made an average of 1558 fps at the muzzle! That was unexpected from his barrel and is 836 ft lbs!!
180 grain Hard cast lead an average of 1180 fps at the muzzle for 556 ft lbs.

The blazer kicked the worst and also grouped the worst.
The XTPs kicked the least and grouped better, maybe a 3 inch average.
The hardcast 180s grouped the best at about 2" and were somewhat milder in felt recoil, despite a slight higher average V than the 180 grain blazer.

I need to go back with more ammo and confirm readings. But my initial findings were surprising, the V was higher on the 155s than what it was with a 5" 1911. So, i am skeptical and want to recheck it. However, that V was an average of 10 rounds. So...????
I believe the 155 grain loads will be outstanding for EDC loads.
Oh, it's a glock, so it ate everything with zero malfunctions. 😁
Happy Friday! And good hunting.

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Okay... i have continued to work up loads for this blaster. In doing so, i came to realization that my chrono was giving faulty readings.
Ordered a new one and re tested.
The 155 grain load:
15.5 grains produces 1290fps for 572 ftlbs at the muzzle
15 grains 1280fps for 564 ft lbs
14.6 grains 1245fps for 533 ft lbs

These numbers make much more sense with the shorter barrel. And i believe them.

I had run a bunch more ladder loads and tested in the old chrono, but just didn't feel like loading them up again for today. This gives me a good place to start. Now i can work towards most consistent and accurate load.
The plan is developing something i can use EDC.
Happy Friday!
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