1st Handgun??

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  1. DirtyHarry

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    What was your 1st handgun you ever owned and how did that experience manifest what you shoot today??

    My 1st was a Full size brushed chrome .40S&W baby eagle that weighs a ton, but shoots straight as hell.

    I now prefer the SA over DA that my 1911's offer. (think it has to do with the same pull/poundage every shot) Plus ive never held a gun that felt as if it were a part of my hand right out the box. I prefer an aluminium frame, but have owned both. Unlike other things in life(cars, electronics) I prefer american arms to their foreign counterparts as we make them very well. Im also young(29), but oldschool in thought as I have not crossed over into the world of synthetic/polymer pieces as of yet. Although I have shot many and in the market for a Sig/Hk .(Might catch some flack, But I hate GLOCK!!!!!) Look forward to conversing with you all and contributing to this site.....Harry;)
  2. chorst294

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    My first handgun was given to me by my father when I turned 18. It was a Ruger Blackhawk .357 6' barrel. He bought it back from me when I just had to have a Glock 32 .357 Sig. I like all types of handguns. When I was younger, I leaned towards the newest, "Cool" looking, hi-cap handguns, but as I age, I'm more interested in revolvers. I've also learned the hard lesson of "You get what you pay for".

  3. Don Lu

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    First gun was a GLOCK 23...shot it at my gun saftey class and I did not do well at all...Instructor told me that .40 was not a good choice for a begginer. Well, with a blow to my ego I decided to buy one and get really good w/it. Seven guns later, it is my favorite to carry and shoot.
  4. spittinfire

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    The first handgun I personally owned was a Springfield Armory XD in 45ACP. 4 inch barrel, 13 round mags......Watched the price of ammo climb so I got into reloading. I LOVE the weapon! It's been as reliable as a rock, accurate, and it sleeps in my night stand!
  5. robocop10mm

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    S&W model 41. .22 target pistol. Traded for Smith M-67. I got took, big time.
  6. fapprez

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    My first was the H&R Sportsman I aquired. It started me on my road to pistol ownership and kept me going because it didn't work and I wanted one that did. I now own 4 pistols and am planning on at least 2 more at the moment:)
  7. ScottG

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    My first handgun is the 4" S&W Model 19 I picked up for $299 in 2005. I'm not sure that any specific handgun purchases followed because of what I bought. I purchased the .357 for hd. I was looking for a 4" barrel to get more accuracy. It's not a carry piece.

    I next bought a Bulgarian Makarov. I bought that because I wanted a semi-auto and the ruggedness of the all steel gun and the fixed barrel appealed to me. I love the gun, but, I also think I should get something that shoots 9mm luger rounds because they're cheaper.

    I also have a Model 1903 Colt Hammerless in .32 ACP. I just purchased that because I'm attracted to the design and looks of the gun. I love shooting it, but I have no intentions of making it a go to gun.

    Next is a Browning Buckmark Camper. I purchased that because I preferred the looks of it to the other Browning and Ruger .22s. It's mainly for practice.

    I collected these for one main reason: to be able to be proficient in all styles of handgun. I figured that if you're going to use guns, you should know a range of guns.

    This is what I decided I need:

    A .22 semi-auto and revolver to learn how to shoot and do it cheaply.
    Browning Buckmark

    A mid caliber semi-auto and revolver
    Bulgarian Makarov and S&W Model 19

    A large caliber semi-auto and revolver

    Still need the .22 revolver and the large calibers. I'm leaning towards a single six for the .22. Because I love historical guns, I'm waiting to find a nice, affordable GI .45 for the large caliber. I'm also considering a single action in .45 Colt or 44-40.

    I feel the same way about rifles, but that's for another post....
  8. alfsauve

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    First Handgun

    The first handgun was my great uncle's S&W Military Police, 6" .38Spl, nickeled (or what was left of it.)

    The first one I bought was a Ruger Blackhawk in .357Mag. Long since gone.
  9. DoubleAction

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    The first handgun I owned was a .25 caliber Spesco Falcon semi-auto that I carried in my pocket at work. Since I was only seventeen and four years shy of being legal age to buy a real handgun, I didn't have many to choose from.This pistol was still a clean sell because I was with the original buyer when he bought it new. I made up for lost time later on and went on to buy the ones I always wanted.
  10. yankee2500

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    My first was a Colt Gold Cup National Match Series 80, I got it in 1980 and had it hard chrome plated, trigger job, beaver tail grip safety, extened mag release, beveled mag well, ambo. slide release, and bobed and polished hammer. I still have today and it is the best shooting smoothest triggered gun I have ever fired. John
  11. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    Sig p228 .40sw and I agree with you 100% I own plenty of h&k's and one sig they can't be beat don't like gooks either :eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. Flint Rock

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    I had access to my Father's 1911 and S&W Chiefs Special in my early years. I guess you could say that I came to view those guns as mine, or at the very least, ours. The very first gun that I bought and paid for with my hard earned money was a Colt Python, blue 4". In a moment of youthful stupidity I traded that gun away.
    Dad, still has his 1911 and S&W, and I have several also. I always check out the used revolvers when I go into the gun store, I may never get that Python back, but I will get one, and then the family will be reunited.
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  13. cpttango30

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    My first handgun was a Smith and Wesson Model 17 K22 masterpiece with a 8 3/8" barrel target trigger and target hammer and microclick adjustable sights. This pistol was dead nuts accurate and was as smooth as a greesed pig at the county fair.

    Right now i do not own a revolver but I soon will replace that smith with the same exact pistol. I have a love of all types of pistols and weould love to own many different types versions and finishes.

    There are very few pistols I would not like to have sitting in the safe. Just the cheap junk and the Desert Eagle.
  14. poolshark13

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    my first was a walther ppk/s in .380. my two current favorites are my .357 s&w and my sig p226. personally i am more comforable with revolvers, even though i have 3 semi autos compared to my 2 revolvers. i just love the reliability of a revolver. when i get my ccw next year, i am looking into more revolvers than semi-autos to carry, though i will carry both depending on the day.