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    Hello Everyone....I live in Australia and have had a long arm license for 24 years....just joined a pistol club and in a few months time I'll be able to purchase my first handgun....what to get? 686? Which one...python? Other brands? Help!
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    Rather like "I will be getting my pilot's license- what aircraft should I get?"

    Depends. First what can you afford, what can you GET where you are, and what did you want to DO with it?

    Hunting? Slow fire target? Cowboy action shooting? Self defense? Do you want a .22, or a .500 S&W? Auto or revolver?

    In general, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger all make very good revolvers (and would add a well made but often overlooked Dan Wesson to the mix). Autos? Take the above, add Glock, SIG, and a dozen other high quality makers.

    So- what do you have in mind for use, what is your budget, and what can you get there "down under"? Do you want to punch paper targets at 25 meters, or knock down rams, chickens and pigs at 100?

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    Thanks for the reply C3.....I'm keen on my first one to be a revolver.....I need a handgun that can do a bit of everything at the range...I'm told 686 ect in 357 would be a great all rounder due to its versatility.....you can get them here starting around $600 and up....Cost not a problem...I just don't know the difference between 686.1through to 686.6...old or new...what should I invest in 1st do you think. 4inch/6inch barrel...money no object....something to leave for the kids with the rest of the safe......
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    I'd say go with the 686 it's a good gun and it sounds like you know what you want :)