1st deg. murder?

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    i was watching the news yesterday and seen where a guy is going to be charged or theyre trying to chrge him with 1st degree murder...

    the guy is a retired army vet and is a store owner/while minding his own business and WORKING! for a living...two punk kids walk in to rob him..now the news said the two youths where put up to this by adults...anyways i'm sure everyone that reads this knows about this and has seen this...im not sure what anyone else would have done in a situation like this...but i know if i could have got to my firearm or any other weapon for that matter...it would have happened pretty much the same way,if i got that lucky?..so what if the little bastard was shot in the head & went down...THE MAN that was being robbed, had his wife and daughter there working when all this took place...ok he might have stepped over the line a tiny bit...from the laws point of veiw.(not mine by far) anyways...whos to know what the little bastard that was shot in the head (not dead) must have been grazed?..but who knows what he was telling this guy that he and someone else came to rob. the store owner went to get another gun and punched 5 more shots into his crack smoking belly.so?...hell i would have went for his head with all 5 shots and maybe reloaded and shot some more...all im saying is this to me seems like a 180 turn around from victim to criminal when all this guy was doing was protecting his and familys life from danger(doesnt make sense)...and now they want to charge him with this b.s. charge!its pretty sad when we as law abiding citizens cant even protect ourselfs and others or propriety from scum like this...it want surprise me that some idiot in washington will get some dumbazz law to pass so that the right to self defense will be abolished...oh wait some states are like this now!this just makes me sick.god bless you all and i hope this man is blessed again

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    I haven't heard about this...can someone post a link to the story?

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    god. f'n. dammit. situations like this, in general, are the reason our founding fathers put the 2nd amendent in the constitution in the 1st place. if some piece of $hit comes into YOUR home or YOUR business and threatens you, your family, or your employees, you should have every right to give them a dirt nap. I'm a peaceful guy; i wish no harm on anyone. period. and in a perfect world we wouldnt need our firearms other than to hunt game. but even in this f'd up world we live in, we ALREADY HAVE OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES. kudos to this BUSINESS OWNER and anyone else that needs to defend their lifesblood from any crack head piece of $hit that thinks theyre above the law.
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    I, too, would like to see the original news story. The OP's post is very difficult to follow.

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    Here you go Matt, follow this video link and you will be able to get the whole pharmacist shooting story from down here in Oklahoma. Best I can do, but it will fill you in.

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    i dont think unloadin a mag into someone who is already down is defending self defence. may one more well placed shot and that would be enought. the term trigger happy comes to mine. should the man be charged with murder... i dont know. i wasnt there. if its the story i think it is then no 5 more rounds into the guys chest isnt called for.
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    Murder no manslaughter yes. Charges I didn't say convicted. I am sorry if that Sorry POS SOB was moving at all I am shootin till he stops. The threat stops when he is no longer breathing. No I am not going to offer first aid either.

    I pray that no one ever breaks in to my house. But, if they do I know they are going to die. Then I get to sue the family for their son damaging my home and bleeding his infected blood in my house making it unsafe to live there.
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    Threatening someone's life with a firearm should be justification enough for ANY response. I don't care if the Pharmacist strung the SOB up by his balls and proceeded to torture him, I still wouldn't convict the Pharmacist. Tying the hands of the victim in terms of legal & allowable defensive actions is just another compassionate Liberal feel-good piece of BS legislation. It's like a prosecutor charging you with "excessive" force or "intent" to kill because your gun has reloads in it instead of factory ammo! You're damned right I intend to kill someone who intends to kill me! Excessive force? No such thing - if the as$hole is dead the force level was just right...it's amazing to me how as time passes, the perpetrator becomes the victim...given enough time it will eventually be societies fault that those pieces of crap were driven to a life of crime, and their families will sue the city and set up a scholarship fund in their name...
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    Here is a link that shows the full video. Pharmacist charged with murder - KFOR
    while I do not feel bad for the idiot who tried to rob this guy IMO the force he uses is a bit much. The guy was down, shot in the head, and the pharmicist goes to the door to see where the other guy went, then comes back in goes behind the counter grabs a different gun, comes back, and then shoots the guy the additional 5 times.
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    The pharmacist hardly looked at the dirtbag on the floor as he got his other gun. He kept his back to him until he got the other gun. That tells me that he wasn't worried about him being a threat. The final shots were uncalled for unless the dirtbag was awake. It pains me to say it, but he should get manslaughter or 2nd degree murder. Maybe the DA is bringing murder 1 charges in hopes that the pharmacist gets off with a sympathetic jury.
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    I agree that Mr. Ersland had every right to own the guns and use them to defend his life & goods.

    I think that the problem is that after the robber was shot in the head and incapacitated, he went and got the other gun and emptied it into the presumably helpless person in realatively cold blood.

    If the robber was trying to get up or was still armed and attempting to bring his weapon to bear, then I think he would be justified in doing that, too.

    According to one account, he went and looked out the door after the other robber fled. I presume that he turned his back on the injured man while doing so. That may indicate that he no longer felt him to be a threat. That would be a key point in the difference between a 1st or 2nd degree murder charge.

    I believe that the usual standard on self defence is something to the effect of having a reasonable belief that you are in danger. I don't know if Mr. Ersland still felt he was in danger, or he was just angry. That said, nether do I want to second guess the actions of someone in such a highly stressful situation.

    I suppose that we will have to wait for the trail for all the details to come out. Then everyone gets their say in front of the jury. They have a film, so I suppose that will be very helpful in getting to the truth of th matter.

    Regards, Canis
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    That happened in Oaklahoma, and I saw the video, the first think he did wrong, was have it on videp to look at later, the second thing was to get the second weapon, then in full view if the video, walk over and at close range put 5 rounds in the chest, up until that point, he was fully protected by the law of self defense. That was the point that he stepped out side of the law as to self defense, now it is up to the jury.

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    And his psychiatrist. One may act strangely if suffering from battle
    stress. I can personally attest to that. Maybe he had been enjoying a
    Twinkie before the perps came in. Its a defense that's worked before.