1st build, 50 BMG, Looking for advice and info

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Mantids88, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I am familiar with component, shooting, and aspects of guns. I own a .338 mag that I have worked with for a while with benchrest, hunting, and reloading. I have decided that I would like to finally do a build with a friend who is also a private gun builder himself. He is not familiar with the 50 bmg.

    I searched the net, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information available that I am quite frankly, not sure where to start.

    I know the 50 bmg is a hell of a round and is quite costly, so I have been doing some price research but run into a lot of dead ends. The .338 lapua is my next pick. The purpose is to have a 1000 yard + gun and that is it. No hunting involved, pure target.

    Can anyone provide me with some useful links on the round, builds, and what to expect for a price range?

    I would like to do a target rifle instead of a AR with a conversion? Any avanages ? etc.

    I know I don't know everything and I have been grilled by gun nuts in the past on here because I am ignorant to some information, therefore, that is why I am asking, please take it easy on me.

    Thank you all.

  2. IXLR8

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    My advice is choose something smaller for a first build. If you have to have a .50 BMG just buy one of the many low cost bolt action rifles. If you want a challenging build try an FAL, it won't bankrupt you. Review the .50 BMG failure Youtube video's before you commit to it. They sure scared me...

    Trust me, I would love to own one. But the first one I own will not be one that I built. Do not buy an AR upper and expect any longevity from the rifle. Wait for SHOT 2011, there will be a bunch on new debut's that may make you rethink building one.

  3. Fleetman

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    The main consideration for a .50 BMG, IMO, is weight and a good muzzle brake otherwise it will be too uncomfortable to shoot for any length of time.

    The cost of the ammo isn't too bad.....approx $3.35 per round and reloading can cut that almost in half. I shoot an L.A.R. (31 lbs) which is one of the most inexpensive .50 BMG's on the market and the accuracy is enviable compared to most rifles. Another plus is it fits comfortably in my safe since it is a bullpup design.

    The .338 Lapua is a good round but brass and factory ammo can be very expensive....same with the Chetec (sp??). All good rounds but brass/ammo will not be abundant.

    Good uppers are available for around $1,200 or so but, again, be aware of the weight since a lightweight .50 will move you around a bit. A .50 BMG is around the same psi as most rifle rounds (after all, it's only a scaled up '06) so explosions and etc are not a concern if the upper is built correctly.....I think most of the .50 failures are careless reloading and/or barrel obstructions.

    Good luck on your new project and keep us posted on which way you decide to go.