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    After going whitetail hunting for the first time I thought hunting was what life was all about (before women became a factor). I carried a #4 mk1 Enfield which was borrowed from my uncle. I probably weighed 100 lbs. soaking wet, so the gun was rather substancial! Unfortunately I came home empty handed but for the educational experience. I immediately became an avid hunter without a gun. My Dad thought I showed enough enthusiasm about the process that I should have my own rifle. Considering the week-end trips down in the pasture with him and his Remington 121, He knew I was capable of shooting well enough to hit bottle beer caps at 50 feet and well trained in the safety aspects of owning my own gun. Christmas came along with my brand new remanufactured Golden State Arms Sants Fe Model 1945 303 British, a #4 mk1 with a reworked barrel, cut down military stock. It had the origional sights removed and new sights added to the barrel. It didn't take long until I became disenchanted with the cut down stock so I made a more modern pistol grip butt and a fore stock to match. More work than the groups it was shooting deserved. I put the gun in the closet for about 30 years. After aquiring several other guns I stumbled acrossed a composite stock that rekindled my interest. Still could hardly keep it on the paper due to my lack of ability or the fact that the rear sight was so close to the front sight. Knowing it could never qualify as a C&R I got a piece of angle iron and made a scope mount. I added a Weaver rail and rings and mounted a 3-9x30 Tasco scope on it and stuck it in my Black and Decker work mate with the bolt out. I looked through the bore and dialed in the scope. Couldnt wait to get to the range. Much to my suprise, 1st shot at 25 yds. was 1 inch high of dead center. After a bit of playing with the scope, I can shoot one and a half inch groups at 100 yds. Its not a tack driver but it will do what it was made to do only better. Now it is my favorite gun to shoot even though not my best shooter. It is like being reunited with an old friend after 30 years.:D

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