1957 Sturm Ruger Standard

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    Turns out the firearm I thought was a MKII is actually a 1957 Ruger Standard, I calked ruger and they told me the manufacture date. With my research 1957 is the last year the standard was manufactured. Any other info would be great thanks.
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    I have a standard (RST-4) manufactured in 1965. It's built like a tank and is very accurate. When I first bought it it would not fire and when I stripped it down, I discovered that the previous owner had removed the firing pin assembly. With some advice from Bullseye on the Gun Talk Forum and great support from Ruger for the parts, I had the gun up and running within a week. Been a flawless shooter ever since.

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    i've got one from 1955, while the finish is rough, it feeds, fires, & ejects ANY ammo i put in it. and with good accuracy to boot. it had an entire lifetime of use before i bought it & i see no signs of it crapping out anytime soon

    there's a reason these have been in production for over 60 years & with some care, your grandchildren could pass it on to their grandchildren.